Tower of Fantasy: Genshin Impact’s rival shows off its multiplayer features in video

Game News Tower of Fantasy: Genshin Impact’s rival shows off its multiplayer features in video

As its release is just around the corner, Tower of Fantasy still continues to show off its various features on offer. This time, Hotta Studio is highlighting the social dimension of its game, as well as its various creative aspects.

A true rival of Genshin impact?

Whether Tower of Fantasy is also often compared to Genshin Impactthis is because Hotta Studio’s game is largely based on the concept of its predecessor. Gacha Action-RPG in an open world, artistic direction reminiscent of manga and Japanese animation… Tower of Fantasy like Genshin Impact include many common elements.

Nevertheless, Hotta Studio hopes to succeed in emancipating itself from the goose that lays the golden egg of miHoYo with its own functionalities. In Tower of Fantasy, it is notably possible to create and fully customize your avatar, unlike Genshin Impact which offers pre-existing characters. What’s more, Tower of Fantasy relies on a dystopian futuristic universe to visit with a ton of vehicleswhere Genshin chooses to depict a fantasy world where mages and warriors rub shoulders.

Speaking of which, Hotta Studio just shared a presentation video taking over the operation of its avatar creation system as well as the different vehicles available for each.

A more pronounced MMO dimension

Customization and freedom of movement are not the only specificities of Tower of Fantasy that allow it to stand out from its competitor. In the software, the emphasis is on its multiplayer dimension, while Genshin Impact remains somewhat limited at this level.

Thus, in a second video, Hotta Studio reveals some of the activities available to players hoping to be able to take advantage of the world of Tower of Fantasy to unwind with friends and meet new people. Between two fights and dungeons, it will be possible to enjoy a real amusement park to have fun differently.

Tower of Fantasy is scheduled for August 11 on PC, iOS and Android.

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