Tower of Fantasy Release Time, Preload Details for Genshin Impact Like

What is the release time of Tower of Fantasy for PC? The anime game turned heads with its Genshin Impact-like presentation, and has already racked up impressive pre-registration numbers in the run-up to its August release date.

While the open-world game certainly plays on a similar playing field as Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy stands out with its more sci-fi presentation and character creation tools, which we saw during Summer Game Fest. Players can alter the images of the characters they unlock, allowing you to tweak your anime squad to aesthetic perfection.

The Tower of Fantasy combat system offers move sets for a range of different weapon types, including swords, spears, scythes, staves, pistols, and a whole host of other sci-fi offerings, such as giant rings and twin cannons mounted on the shoulder. The game also offers cooperative exploration with friends and promises a captivating post-apocalyptic story.

The movement options also help the game stand out, with a frankly surprising number of ways to traverse its impressive open world. The Tower of Fantasy Character Trailer showcases a wide variety of traversal tools, including hoverboards, motorbikes, cyber unicorns, jetpacks, bipedal robots, and some so bizarre we’d have a hard time describing them to you.

When is the release time for Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy launches on PC and mobile devices at the following times:

You can follow a countdown to the game’s release on its website.

When can I pre-load Tower of Fantasy and how do I pre-register?

Tower of Fantasy Preloads Open August 9. You can pre-register via the links on the upcoming game’s website. There is a list of pre-registration rewards, and users can also claim an exclusive avatar for each platform they start the game on.

The game is also scheduled to launch on Vapor and the epic game store, but developer Hotta Studio says these platforms will be available later in the year. For the time being, PC gamers looking to play Tower of Fantasy at launch will need to head over to the official site, presumably to access a standalone launcher for co-op play.

If you have nothing to do in the meantime, there are plenty of Genshin Impact events going on in the lead up to the Genshin Impact 3.0 release date. You might also be interested in Zenless Zone Zero’s fit test for Hoyoverse’s version of a more sci-fi setting, which starts its own beta in August.

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