Tower Of Fantasy Vera 2.0 Story Trailer Showcases New Enemies And Playable Characters

Tower of Fantasy, the free-to-play gacha MMORPG that launched in August, is getting its first major expansion later this fall. A new story trailer highlights some of the dangerous new enemy types that players will face, as well as some of the new unlockable characters that players can use to take them down.

The game’s Vera 2.0 update will introduce the new Vera region, which is made up of the arid Desert Gobby (not to be confused with the real-life Gobi Desert) and a floating cyberpunk city, Mirroria. But that’s not all, as the desert is filled with new enemies called Abyssants who, according to the trailer below, have robbed the people of Vera of their future.

Briefly glimpsed in the trailer are some new playable characters that players will be able to unlock and play using the game’s Simulacrum system. Tower of Fantasy was released in China last year, so hardcore fans already know a few details about the characters seen in the trailer. The trailer’s narrator appears to be the fan-wielding Lin, who appears a handful of times looking out over the horizon. Fans can also catch a glimpse of what appears to be Ruby, who uses her robotic sidekick Sparky to battle a massive robotic creature deep in the desert.

Developers Level Infinite and Hotta Studios have been slowly revealing more about the game’s next big update, recently giving fans a better look at the city of Mirroria as part of GameSpot Swipe.

Tower of Fantasy got off to a good start after launch, with the developers compensating players for long login queues shortly after launch. It wasn’t long after the developers announced that the game had been downloaded over 10 million times after the Western release of the MMO.

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Tower of Fantasy is currently available on PC via download from the game’s official site, and can also be played on mobile via Google Play and the Apple App Store. The game is coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store later this year. For those just starting out in Tower of Fantasy, be sure to check out our beginner’s guide for some helpful tips.

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