Triangle Strategy: Serenoa Wolffort’s Guide

In Triangle Strategy, the main character of the game is Serenoa Wolffort, and she is a powerhouse with a sword.


In it Tactic-just like JRPG Triangle Strategy, players will start the game as a young girl named Serenoa. He is the heir to an important house of one of the three kingdoms in Triangle StrategyIt’s Norzelia. However, he is also a powerful fighter with great moves on the battlefield.

Who is Serenoa Wolffort?

Serenoa is the heir to House Wolffort of the kingdom of Glenbrook and the main character of the game. He is engaged to Frederica of Aesfrost in an attempt to keep the 30-year peace intact. While there is magic in this world, Serenoa’s fighting style is all about swordsmanship and classic melee DPS.


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Serenoa’s class and move set

Class Rank 1: Recruit – Swordsman

  • Delayed Strike: Deals physical damage, delays your turn. Range 1-1, Height -2-+2. 1TP
  • Passive Pursuit Stance – Increases power and accuracy.
  • Hawk Dive: Deals physical damage, bonus from higher ground. Range 1-1, Height -5-+5. 2TP.
  • Counter Stance Passive: Chance to perform a counter attack.

Class Rank 2: Veteran – Swordsman

  • Sweeping Slash – Deals physical damage to all targets in range. 2TP.
  • Strength in Numbers Passive: Increases strength when allies are close.

Class Rank 3: Elite – Sword Master

  • Protective Stance: Take 50% of an ally’s damage for 2 turns in 3 cells. 2TP.
protagonists of the triangular strategy

Serenoa’s maximum stats in Triangle Strategy are:

  • CV-521
  • Strength – 56
  • Physical defense – 50
  • Magic Attack – 39
  • Magic Defense – 50
  • Luck – 71
  • Accuracy – 63
  • Speed ​​- 26
  • Evasion – 57
  • jump – 2
  • Movement – 5

Use of Serenoa in Triangular Strategy Battles

Serenoa is the main character in the game, although players do not have to use her during battle. However, he is considered one of the best units in Triangle Strategy. His powerful moves allow players to engage enemies within melee range; his Delayed Strike move, which he starts the game with, can help turn the tide of battle by delaying enemy moves. His level 5 Hawk Dive can hit enemies from several blocks away, dealing even more damage when he falls from heights.

While Serenoa Wolffort is kind of a generic swordsman DPS unit, her moves are incredibly powerful. Giving him the ability to counter with the level seven passive Counter Stance, she makes him dangerous to attack. Serenoa should be one of the first units players upgrade in Triangle Strategy.

Triangle Strategy is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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