Trombone Champ: When Guitar Hero plays “shitty-flute”, the unusual game that makes the Internet laugh

Game News Trombone Champ: When Guitar Hero plays “shitty-flute”, the unusual game that makes the Internet laugh

You have surely heard about it on social networks, a game has been making noise in recent days: Trombone Champ. However, it is a rather unusual rhythm game.

Regularly, unexpected little games make an unexpected hit. We can think of Untitled Goose Game a few years ago. This year, maybe it’s Trombone Champ who will take this place…

An unexpected success for everyone, especially its developers!

Featured by a tweet from PC Gamerthen played by many streamers, Trombone Champ found its audience in just a few days. According to Steam Charts, for example, it has won +343% players, only in the last 24 hoursthus entering in its first week at the twenty-seventh place of the best Steam sales from the moment.

Trombone Champ: When Guitar Hero makes "shitty flute"the unusual game that makes the Internet laugh

The game has rapidly gaining momentum over the past few dayswith viewers on Twitch peaking at over 32,000 people according to SteamDB. In France, streamers like Shisheyu, Gautoz or Mynthos contributed to the popularity of the game, in particular thanks to all clips created by their communities, and shared on Twitter. Many Internet users laughed at it, and bought the game to have a good laugh with friends!

The Holy Wow developers indicate on Twitter be also surprised by the success of their game. A success that forces them to push the game furtherdespite few human resources.

Holy Wow : Hey everyone – we’re blown away by the recent success of Trombone Champ! Thank you very much to all our fans! Needless to say, based on the past few days, we plan to push the game further than originally planned. HOWEVER we should clarify that at present Holy Wow is basically a one person business. And that’s not even our main job! We have full time jobs (!!!) and developed this game on nights, weekends and holidays, so it’s going to take us a few weeks to get our lives in order and face the… enormous demand generated by this game! Please be patient, and, once again, thank you for your support 🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️

Trombone Champ: When Guitar Hero makes "shitty flute"the unusual game that makes the Internet laugh

The man behind the game, Dan Vecchitto, designer behind Holy Wowexplains to NBC News and CNN Business that he develops video games only out of passion, it’s a hobby for him. He doesn’t even play a trombone! Moreover, he was also very amazed at the dazzling success of its output:

I am obviously very happy, and a little relieved. I wasn’t really sure how the game would be received because… it almost always sounds wrong! (…) I thought it would be funny to imagine someone trying to move the slide of a giant rubber paperclip in and out to somehow match these giant curvy lines flying across the screen. (…)

I was also concerned that real trombonists would complain about the lack of realism of the trombone controls – it plays more like a slide whistle than a trombone. (…)

I created a prototype quickly, which people found fun, so I started working on a full game. I thought it would take about six months, but the whole process from start to finish took four years (with lots of starts and stops).

A simple principle, a complicated accuracy

Trombone Champ: When Guitar Hero makes "shitty flute"the unusual game that makes the Internet laugh

Trombone Champ follows a simple principle. Like a Guitar Hero, you have to play the right notes at the right time. Except it’s not not here to click on the right keyyou actually control freely the pitch of the notes, with your mouse. Must therefore in real time move its cursor, compensate, find the right height. Of course, it’s a bit complicated, and the game is on purpose to be ruthless on the precision of your movements. Results : great classics, hymns, and trombone-masked hits.

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Additionally, you can unlock different paperclips. Some will give electro atmosphere to your services, some have a deliberately awful timbre, like the famous trombone which … makes prouts. Childish? Maybe, but when the American anthem sounds like this, the comic effect instantly seems to touch everyone (To see the clip from streamer Mynthos here)! We find there sounds that make you think of a phenomenon which makes a lot of laughs on the Internet: the shittyflute musicvery low-end covers of a known theme, created above all to make you laugh.

Also note that the game gives you some freedom. Like you can do the moves you want with the mouse you can play any note ! Thus, a freestyle mode is availableallowing to play your own compositionsprovided you have a certain talent and a fairly good knowledge of the game.

Also read:

Released on September 16 on Steam for PC, Trombone Champ is available for 12.49 euros. It could also be released on Mac since the developers have indicated that a port is under consideration.

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