Tunic: 10 tips and tricks for a good start, our guide

news tip Tunic: 10 tips and tricks for a good start, our guide

Are you done with Elden Ring, like titles that are minimally demanding, and are one of those fans of action-adventure games waiting for a new Zelda? And as long as you do, do you like foxes? Then Tunic is for you. Discover below our tips for getting started

If he looks cute at first glance, Tunic is a demanding game, as well for its combats which rather astonishment, are inspired by what one could see in many games of FromSoftware, only for the mysteries of his universe. To cross the title of Finji Games, you will have to observe, reflect, be curious, explore, test everything and anything. This is to hope, of course, to finish the game, but also to unlock all its many secrets! While waiting to discover our complete Tunic solution, part of which is already available, here is some tips for a good start in Tunic, available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series via Steam but also day one in the Game Pass!


  • 1. Explore, explore!
  • 2. Read the manual
  • 3. Use the cards
  • 4. Go to the merchant
  • 5. Lock down your enemies
  • 6. Use your offerings
  • 7. Learn to parry the shield
  • 8. Watch your stamina
  • 9. Use your explosives!
  • 10. Think about accessibility options

1. Explore, explore!

Tunic is a game full of hiding places and secret passages. By carefully searching the places you will cross, you can regularly discover hidden chests behind waterfalls (classic but effective), behind pillars, along paths hidden by the camera, etc. There are many ways to explore the world of Tunic and you will certainly be surprised sometimes to discover shortcuts to reach theoretically inaccessible places. To facilitate your exploration, remember to change the camera angle from time to time with the aim button. Don’t hesitate to try to send your hero behind the scenes and run against the walls to find secret hiding places. In sum, be curious!

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Tunic: 10 tips and tricks for a good start, our guide

2. Read the manual

During your adventure, you will regularly find Manual Pages. If the first ones will give you the impression of being just a little tutorial for Tunic, it is actually a guide full of crucial information and clues to discover all the secrets of the game. Problem: this manual is cryptic, because written in an incomprehensible language with some exceptions ; Besides, finding all the pages is quite a challenge so in the meantime, the information available to you will often be incomplete. In summary, keep your eyes open, collect as many pages as possible and review them carefully.

Tunic: 10 tips and tricks for a good start, our guide

3. Use the cards

Although inconspicuous, the maps you pick up in Tunic will tell you your location using a small fox head logo. Look at this map regularly because in addition to allowing you to find your way around, it sometimes indicates places to discover and secrets.

Tunic: 10 tips and tricks for a good start, our guide

4. Go to the merchant

There are several areas where a scary-looking merchant will be waiting for you. Go there regularly since in addition to offering interesting consumables such as Red and Blue Fruits to regain life and mana, you will sometimes be able to acquire unique objects like Golden Coins. The first merchant you will find is at the Mill.

Tunic: 10 tips and tricks for a good start, our guide

5. Lock down your enemies

Not always essential, locking the camera on enemies will notably allow you to aim effectively with the Fire Rod or with your explosive consumables. In addition, the lock allows you to see the number of life points remaining on an enemy, which is rather practical, you will agree…

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Tunic: 10 tips and tricks for a good start, our guide

6. Use your offerings

Facing a Statue of Care, ‘you can deposit offerings there:

  • Teeth to improve your attack;
  • Statuettes to increase your defense;
  • Flowers to boost your life point bar;
  • Leaves for stamina;
  • Powder to make Magic Potions more effective;
  • or even Mushrooms to raise the bar of mana points.

When you face a Statue, open the menu and choose the Offering you wish to use, taking care to have enough money.

Tunic: 10 tips and tricks for a good start, our guide

7. Learn to parry the shield

When you have picked up the shield in the Old House, you can raise it by pressing and holding the associated key. It will be very convenient for take attacks and projectiles in exchange for part of your green stamina bar. However, a demanding mechanic will have to be mastered to make certain fights easier: shield parade. Rather than holding down the associated key, press it briefly. You will see the hero using his shield to parry. With the right timing, you will be able to use this technique to counter an enemy and make it more vulnerable for a few seconds! Note that the damage you inflict at this time will be greater. Likewise, if multiple enemies attack you at the same time, if you manage to parry the first one, the parry effect will be triggered automatically and anyone who hits you behind will also be stunned. A very powerful technique, then!

Tunic: 10 tips and tricks for a good start, our guide

8. Watch your stamina

To dodge an attack, you can roll, which will consume some of your green stamina bar. The problem is that once you hit the red zone, your hero will no longer be able to roll; instead, it will take a small leap forward. You can still attack, but if you raise your shield to withstand an attack, not only will you fall, but you will also take damage. In addition, being in the red, the damage received is greater, so constantly monitor this gauge.

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Tunic: 10 tips and tricks for a good start, our guide

9. Use your explosives!

In Tunic, the gameplay is thought out in such a way that the more you use your explosive items like Dynamite, the more the game will reward you by giving you free explosives. The good news is that these items are very useful in Tunic, since enemies tend to chase you in groups. You can therefore attract several, and turn around to swing a Dynamite if the situation ever gets tense! The bonus is materialized by a +x just above your object. It is therefore possible that you still have an explosive despite your empty stock.

Tunic: 10 tips and tricks for a good start, our guide

10. Think about accessibility options

Tunic can be a tough game, especially when it comes to combat. If you ever find the game too complicated or you can’t kill a boss, Fortunately, it offers an option called “Accessibility”. The first option is to enable Safe Mode. Thanks to this, you will not lose any more life points and will be able to enjoy the game without fear of fighting. The second possibility is the “No stamina restriction” mode. With this option, you will no longer consume stamina when rolling or taking a shield attack. Do not hesitate to use it if the game is too much for you to worry about!

Tunic: 10 tips and tricks for a good start, our guide

We wish you a good discovery of Tunic, and do not hesitate to consult all our game guides from Finji Games during your adventure: you may need them!

Summary of our Tunic walkthrough

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