Turn your hunter into a lightning machine in Destiny 2

Hunters are often mobile fighters in Destiny 2, agile death dealers who can strike fast and escape danger with well-timed dodges. With Arc 3.0 in play, not much has changed on that front and these Guardians are now more agile than ever on the battlefield.

For the player looking to try a more daring approach, there’s a combination of skills and the right exotic armor piece that will transform your hunter into a close-range fighter, capable of dealing devastating damage with just a few hits. This is how construction works.

Useful Exotic: Assassin Hood

The hard-hitting build for Hunter revolves around the Assassin’s Cowl, a Shadowkeep Exotic that will grant you invisibility if you can take out an enemy with a melee final blow or finishing move. As a bonus, a portion of your health and shields will also be restored when you land that killing blow, plus finishing blows and final blows against more powerful opponents extend the duration of invisibility and the amount of health and shields restored.

In general, the invisibility window works to:

  • Minor Enemies: 6 seconds to melee, 10 seconds to finishers
  • Elite Enemies: 9 seconds to melee, 13 seconds to finishers
  • Miniboss enemies: 12 seconds to melee, 13 seconds to finishers
  • Bosses: 13 seconds for both melee and finishers.

How to get the assassin’s hood

Assassin’s Cowl is perfect for this build.

There are two ways to grab this exotic helmet, the first and mandatory being the completion of the Shadowkeep campaign as a Hunter. Once you’ve worked your way through that story, Eris Morn will reward you with the Exotic, and from then on it’s added to the Exotic pool and you can farm it during a Legendary Lost Sector that offers shards as a prize. As a reminder, Legendary Lost Sectors are difficult, require you to make use of various seasonal mods, and dole out random exotic rewards based on the chosen difficulty level. For a more comprehensive breakdown of these challenging locations, you can check out the Warlock Exotic helmet guide, Fallen Sunstar.

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Aspects and Fragments

For this happy-to-hit build, the two Aspects you’ll want to equip are lethal current Y flow state. With Lethal Current, dodging will empower your hits with increased lunge range, a jolt, and a blind debuff to apply to enemies and a damaging aftershock. You’ll also want to be amped up with this build, which is where Flow State comes into play. Defeating a shaken target will apply the Amplification buff, which recharges your class ability more quickly and improves your recharge speed.

On the Shards page, go ahead and equip these four items:

  • feedback spark
  • resistance spark
  • recharge spark
  • amplitude spark

Since you’re essentially dodging enemies, stamina will add more resiliency to your hunter, and breadth will help generate orbs of power on multiple kills, which can be picked up to charge up your Super quickly. Your empowered melee will play a key role here. You can change the Spark of Feedback and Recharge slots if you want as they are here to keep you alive longer.

As for your Super, storm threat It’s very hard to beat right now. It does an insane amount of damage, essentially turns the battlefield into an electric death trap, and can take out champions with ease.


Combination Blow will turn your Hunter into a Chain Lightning drilling machine.
Combination Blow will turn your Hunter into a Chain Lightning drilling machine.

For your melee ability, go ahead and choose Combination Strike. This particular skill will stack melee damage up to three times each time you defeat an enemy, and will also gain more power with each stack. On top of that, each successful Combination Blow kill will fully recharge your class ability and restore a small amount of health. Combined with player dodgewhich fully recharges your melee ability when you dodge nearby enemies, and these two abilities complement each other very well.


Since you’re going to be bridging the gap so often, you’ll want to pack a powerful shotgun with this build. Legendary class shotguns can be of great help here, especially if they have the blow one-two perk, which increases your melee damage if you fire each pellet in one shot at an enemy. At close range, that’s very easy to do. You’ll want to farm Dares of Eternity for the Wastelander M5, a great shotgun with a narrow pellet spread and often has the One-Two punch advantage on its stat roll. Other shotguns may have that advantage, but they are hard to come by.

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For your other weapons, feel free to use whatever you want. Season of Plunder weapons with the Right Hook perk are great for that extra splash of melee power and there are a host of Arc-energy Exotics available now. For Legend Lost Sectors, Thunderlord is great for the various special perks on him and an anti-Overload Champion intrinsic ability that can slice through those enemies with bullets and lightning.

Armor Mods

This fallen foe is about to be reduced to glowing atoms.
This fallen foe is about to be reduced to glowing atoms.

While this build can work just fine without seasonal or existing mods, having some of those items in your armor will only help you in the long run. In the armor of your chest, Melee Damage Resistance Y thermo shock coating it will increase your survivability, but feel free to mix these defensive options with the activity you’re doing and the associated burn effect that’s in play for the week. While dodge and melee attack recharge rates depend on each other, you can have additional insurance with Melee Wellmaker to generate elemental wells.

In your gauntlets ion well It will further increase your melee damage when you pick up an Elemental Bow after you’ve struck an enemy with lightning and defeated them. On your Assassin’s Cowl Exotic helmet, throw it in two hands on mods for you to quickly gain your Super energy from all those melee hits you’ll be landing. Well of Ions can also be placed here, in case you need space in your gauntlets for other mods.

For your leg armor, Elemental Charge will trigger the Charged With Light buff whenever you pick up an Arc Elemental Well. You’ll gain two stacks per elemental well, and you can use that buff in conjunction with striking light on your hunter cloak class item. This will add more damage resistance while using your melee and will generate an orb of power for your teammates, for those team activities. Alternatively, seasonal modifications surge detonators Y bad amplitude it will be useful for high level PvP content. Surge detonators can help melt a champion and bad amplitude can be used to apply a jolt effect to enemies after hitting them with a melee attack or grenade.

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Add Resilience mods that will take you up to 100, and you’ll have a 40% damage reduction to fall back on those rare times when enemies fight your lightning strikes.

The strategy

Punch. Dodge. Punch. Dodge. That’s the basic gist of this build, as you’ll be annihilating cannon fodder enemies, turning them into electric shock bombs, and escaping them using your invisibility powers. With the above combo, you can quickly clear the room of junk monsters, build up the Combo Strike skill, and go to town with tougher bosses. Hit them with a shotgun blast first, start throwing fist bombs and watch their health bar melt.

With the right mods, you’ll also be harder to kill, regenerate health with each enemy defeated, and quickly build up super energy, allowing you to land a killing blow with your Gathering Storm ultimate. ability.

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