Twitch’s new UI lets users preview the stream before joining

Twitch is testing a new user interface that could be a boon to small-time streamers.

Twitch is changing things. The streaming giant is testing a new user interface that will allow users to preview game streams before diving in, improving discoverability and giving users a better idea of ​​what game creators are up to. contents.

On the current version of Twitch, clicking on the game directory brings up a list of recommended games at the top (based on your current subscriptions or viewing habits) and a list of recommended streamers below, followed by a further grid great variety of game genres. Click on any particular game and you’ll be presented with an even larger grid of streamers that you can filter through.


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The new version, just as it shows Twitch Lowco Partner, does things differently. Clicking on a game will bring up the same list of streamers currently doing their thing, but it will also bring up a preview of that stream at the top of the page. You’ll be able to see what’s going on (and what’s being said in chat) without having to enter the stream first. To join the stream, there is a “Join Stream” button next to the preview, making it all Netflix-like.

Best of all, there are no ads in the preview window. Right now, clicking on a stream usually gets the viewer an ad first, but the preview lets them know if it’s worth waiting to watch that ad to get the content.

“This could completely change the viewing experience as a viewer trying to find a new streamer to watch,” Lowco said. “We all know how frustrating that experience has been, especially when you find smaller creators and you’re trying to navigate and find the right person for you. If this is a change that sticks, I can only see that this is a good thing.” that you don’t have to commit to uploading a stream.

Not everyone is in favor of this change, but luckily, users who prefer large lists can simply add “/list” to the end of the page URL to revert to the old way of doing things.

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