Uber wants to compete with SNCF and even Air France by offering the purchase of electronic tickets

News hardware Uber wants to compete with SNCF and even Air France by offering the purchase of electronic tickets

Uber never ceases to surprise us! After the delivery and the reservation of the driver, the giant decides to touch all our transport. The diversification of services could indeed allow us to buy train tickets, planes and benefits.

Uber: the king of travel?

Now that Uber is well established in many countries, the giant wants to do more than transport people who missed the last metro by offering the purchase of train or plane tickets.

Rest assured, the service is currently being tested in the UKin partnership with the German start-up Omio, which already works with many companies such as Air France and SNCF in France.

The American firm wants to allow users of the application to simplify the reservation of transport, for all our trips. Whether it’s buses, planes or trains, Uber touches on everything and wants to let you use their application to plan your trips and trips.

To give you an idea, Omio, the German start-up that works with Uber covers no less than 1000 transport providers in 37 different countries. In the lot we find Ryan Air, Eurolines or Reyhound.

The company also has partnerships with ferry companies, although this is still a minority.

What does Uber gain with this partnership?

Money of course. A bit like Uber Eat services, the company will take a percentage of the reservation.

For the moment, a test is carried out in the United Kingdombut it is easy to imagine that the services can arrive anywhere around the globe, and even in France, where Uber is very well established.

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Omio intends to impose itself via Uber and penetrate a much larger market. The transport giant intends to use its power to add features little by little.

Uber may well take the place of an application like SNCF Connect or Air France in the near future. Uber’s bet is to consolidate all our transport applications on a single platform.

You have understood it, Uber is attacking a very large piece, but for the moment only on British territory. We can easily imagine that if it works on the English side, the service should soon point the tip of its nose at our Uber apps.

The integration of each transport feature would be tested step by step to see what works best. In addition, the establishment of the Uber service in France was very rapid, hence the assumptions about the alleged arrival of these features in France.

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