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On the Daily program for August 5, we start with the Xbox Game Pass which unveils a new offer for families. We then move on to the possible takeover of Ubisoft by a Chinese giant, before ending with the first blow for the Multiversus game. The Daily, let’s go!

Ubisoft could well be bought by a Chinese giant

Internet giant Tencent is a true superpower in Asia. The company is already the majority shareholder of Riot Games, and a 40% shareholder of Epic Games. And she would like to add Ubisoft to her list apparently, according to information from the Reuters site. Already a 5% shareholder, Tencent wants to become the majority shareholder of the French group in order to strengthen its position internationally. The Chinese giant is quite determined and would have made an offer to buy the 15% of the Guillemot family. For the moment Ubisoft has not made any official statement on this rumor.

A new subscription offer for the Xbox Game Pass

The Game Pass is particularly popular with Xbox and PC players thanks to its regularly updated catalog. It is currently available in two offers: a “classic” Game Pass and a slightly more complete Game Pass Ultimate. Xbox has just announced a third subscription formula: the family Game Pass, which will allow five players to share the same Ultimate account. All at the fairly advantageous price of €21.99 per month. This new offer is currently in the test phase in Ireland and Colombia. If the results are good, Xbox could gain a good number of new subscribers.

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First blow for Multiversus

The new Multiversus fighting game, a Super Smash Bros. with the roster of the Warner universe, is the big game of the moment. It has been available in open beta since July 26 and delighted players who were able to try it: a peak of more than 144,000 simultaneous connections was even reached recently. Multiversus also stands out from Super Smash Bros. thanks to its ranking system. A small shadow to this impressive picture, however, the launch of the competitive mode has been postponed. Season 1 and the arrival of Morty were originally scheduled for August 9, and we don’t yet know when the new features will arrive…

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