Ubisoft could take action against an insider who leaked Assassin’s Creed details and exposed himself by accident

A mix-up with their Twitter accounts revealed that ‘TheRealInsider’ was actually YouTuber Dan Allen.

The last Ubisoft Forward presented a lot of information about the future of Assassin’s Creed, but there are users who were not surprised to learn that the next titles in the saga would be named after Mirage, Red and Hexe. After all, this information was leaked on the Internet because of an insider who, known as ‘TheRealInsider‘, has ended up revealing his true identity after a mix-up with his Twitter accounts.

‘TheRealInsider’ turned out to be YouTuber Dan AllenWe talk about the youtuber Dan Allen, who, like many other content creators and media, was invited to learn the details of Assassin’s Creed Mirage before its official presentation. However, Allen could not resist the temptation to uncover this data without Ubisoft’s authorization and, therefore, break signed agreements with the French developer.

But, now that Dan Allen has been confirmed to be responsible for the leaks, Ubisoft has the opportunity to Act accordingly. We know this thanks to Stephen Totilo, who has published the brand’s response to this situation on Twitter: “We regularly offer access and information about our games under non-disclosure agreements (NDA) to trusted partners,” the company recalls.

We take these issues seriously and manage them properlyUbisoft“When this trust is compromised, or information is leaked by an individual, it is not only damaging and demoralizing for our teams, it also removes an exciting moment of reveal and experience for our players,” continues Ubisoft. “Although we are not talking about an individual case, we take these issues seriously and we manage them properly”.

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How was the identity of ‘TheRealInsider’ revealed?

Apparently, and as has happened on other occasions regarding Twitter, Dan Allen confused their accounts when responding to a user who had commented on a ‘TheRealInsider’ post. In this way, the community of the network realized that this youtuber had answered as if he were the same insider, so they did not take long to connect the dots and accuse him of being the face behind the mysterious Twitter account.

It is to be addicted to the emotion of thousands of people who are waiting for what you are going to sayDan AllenAfter this Allen confirmed the suspicions of users and published a video on YouTube in which he apologized for the acts committed. Here, the content creator explains why he took such a risky path: “To be honest, it’s the influence, the comments, it’s being addicted to the excitement of thousands of people who they are waiting for what you are going to say”.

Allen took advantage of the video to apologize both for the Assassin’s Creed leak and for other data that was invented on the progress. In this sense, the content creator denies the veracity of some of the rumors that he had created in his stage as an insider, which includes suppositions and clues of upcoming Silent Hill titles or expected remakes of the Metal Gear Solid saga.

Of course, Allen faces the possibility that Ubisoft will launch a lawsuit over the breach of the confidentiality agreement. Although the Assassin’s Creed surprise was slightly soured by this leak, there is no doubt that the official presentation has left us with sky high expectations. If you want to know more about the next installment in the franchise, you can read our article with the reasons why we think that Assassin’s Creed Mirage is more than just a return to the origins.

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