UFC 5: a possible exit window and bad news for the new Fight Night

Game news UFC 5: a possible exit window and bad news for the new Fight Night

Electronic Arts and fighting games have been a love affair for a long time now: today there is talk of the next UFC as well as the next Fight Night.

UFC 5 for 2023?

It was in 2009 that Electronic Arts offered for the first time a fighting game officially stamped UFC… and the success was immediate. Since then, we have been treated to a string of games from the saga and today, the publisher has found its cruising speed. This is not annual and the developers take their time to lay out each new iteration: the proof, UFC 4 was released in August 2020 and we still have no news of UFC 5.

Finally, yes, but not through the American firm. It is the well-known Tom Henderson (known to be very up to date with Electronic Arts news) who has just released some important information, obviously to be taken with a grain of salt: UFC 5 would be released in the summer of 2023, instead of the end of 2022 as previous rumors indicated.

Fight Night, still up, still alive

As for Fight Night, the iconic English boxing franchise, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a new game to get our hands on. VGC had however confirmed that a reboot was being prepared at EA Canada, excellent news for this emblematic saga of the 2000s. Except… that UFC 5 would galvanize all the attention of the developers.

Enough for the gestation of this new Fight Night to be completely on hold, according to Tom Henderson. The latter specifies that the project is not canceled, but put on stand-by until… well, we don’t really know when, but we imagine that the site will resume once UFC 5 is released on the market.

As they say: time will tell and it’s a safe bet that the next few months will bring us some welcome clarifications.

UFC 5: a possible exit window and bad news for the new Fight Night

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