V Rising: Elder Blood and Immaculate Hearts Essence Guide

You will eventually need Elder Blood Essence to continue progressing in ascending V, but you will never get it as a drop, regardless of how many of your enemies you kill. Instead, like the more refined materials you end up needing, you have to craft them from a base material.

Chances are that once you need Greater Blood Essence, there is only one base material to craft it from. Another easier option can be unlocked later on, as long as you’re ready to take on the challenge.

How to get more blood essence in V Rising

You can craft Greater Blood Essence at a Blood Press, and the initial recipe requires 4 immaculate hearts. He may have gotten lucky and already stockpiled some, but he probably wants more. Much more.

Unsullied Hearts is a relatively rare drop, and players who haven’t ventured too far north into Farbane Woods may find themselves not getting a single one.

However, the higher the enemy’s level, the higher the chance Unsullied Heart will drop. Players who have been mostly rampaging through level 20+ enemies or taking down Bloodbearing V bosses should have a few Immaculate Hearts on hand when they need more Essence, but probably not enough to create many.

enemies appear level 30 or higher has a higher chance to drop these hearts than the lower ones, which makes sense considering ascending VThe sense of progression. If you can take on level 30 or higher enemies well enough to farm them, do so to try your luck at getting Immaculate Hearts for your new crafting endeavors.

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Cultivating Immaculate Hearts to make Great Blood Essence is just a bridge to the second recipe, much more reliable to craft the material using regular Blood Essence.

The second recipe for crafting Greater Blood Essence is unlocked at killing Tristan the vampire slayera level 46 V Carrier boss. It may take a while until you are strong enough to kill Tristan and get your hands on this huge time saver, but it will be worth it.

Do you cultivate spotless hearts or wait? It really depends on you. This is just one of the many options and challenges you will face as you progress through V Rising. Take a look at our ascending V guides for more tips.

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