V Rising, silver ore: the best spot to farm and optimize your harvest, all our tips

news tip V Rising, silver ore: the best spot to farm and optimize your harvest, all our tips

In V Rising, you will need resources in large numbers to evolve your Vampire and his castle. Silver ore is no exception and will be essential for the late-game gear you’ll need to defeat the strongest bosses in the game.


  • Where to find
  • What is the money for
  • Money, a plague for vampires

Where to find

You can harvest tons of silver ore in this mine!

Like most ores in V Rising, silver veins are scattered across the map. Although you can stumble upon it in the Cursed Forest, the Hills of Silverlight contain the most. In fact, you will find the Sacred Silver Mine to the northwest of the area. It is relatively well protected by NPCs and be careful if you are in Pvp. This resource allowing to craft Tier IV weapons, this place will certainly look like to a real war zone. The mine contains several entrances in addition to the main one. So you can sneak in and collect all the money you want while avoiding the main guard and maybe even several other players.

You will need at least an upgraded iron weapon to harvest the ore.

What is the money for

V Rising, silver ore: the best spot to farm and optimize your harvest, all our tips

Be careful, many soldiers are patrolling the mine

As mentioned previously, silver is a premium resource to partially craft the best gear in V Rising. You can refine it to dark silver in a furnace to get Tier IV weapons with an equipment index of 21. It is also useful in making of Plansa mandatory resource if you want to do high-level research.

Money, a plague for vampires

Unlike other resources in the game, money is not appreciated by our vampire friends. If you carry too much you will take constant damage and you will no longer be able to use your Vampire Powers (but abilities, yes!). It’s called the Money Disease. It will therefore be necessary to be cunning to succeed in harvesting them effectively. Here are some solutions:

  • Carry little: Unlike Silver Coins, the ore needs to be in your bag in quantity before applying the curse inflicting damage on you. So you can make small round trips and avoid taking damage. This technique can quickly become tedious and we do not recommend it in the long term.
  • Horse : Vampiric powers being prohibited under the influence of the Silver Disease, having a mount to carry your silver ore is more than advisable.
  • Silver resistance: You can use silver resistance brews and later silver resistance potions whose recipe is given by Raziel the shepherd (60). Add a cape and you can get up to 65 silver resistance. This will greatly reduce the damage you take over time.
  • Care : Blood rose potions can be useful but are expensive for just 10 seconds of healing. You may prefer the unholy ability Purgatory to heal yourself. It will only cost you the hunt for Christina the Sun Priestess (44) to get it. This will probably already be done during your quest for money, this boss being halfway through the game. Purgatory does its job very well. Remember to use it as soon as the ability is ready to heal the damage that the silver has had time to do to you.
  • Outpost: If your main base is on the other side of the map, you can also create a small castle that will serve as your outpost for money processing. Place it near the sacred silver mine and go back and forth to fill the furnaces and why not the paper press that you have installed there. Carrying dark money and blueprints won’t give you any debuffs after all. This solution is a little more difficult on a PvP server, unless you are confident in your base defense.

Purgatory heals silver damage more than well

V Rising, silver ore: the best spot to farm and optimize your harvest, all our tips

V Rising Complete Solution Summary

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