Valorant dating sim will let you hold hands with your favorite agents

Yes, you read it right. A Valorant dating sim inspired by Riot Games’ Agents of Romance is slated for release in 2023, allowing fans of the FPS game to get to know our Alpha Earth heroes a little better.

And why would you want to do that, you ask? Tell me you’re not in love with the players, I dare you.

Like them or loathe them, dating sims are still very popular, especially in eastern countries like Korea and Japan. Your mind may immediately turn to the simple (but incredibly depressing) Doki Doki Literature Club, but we’re seeing more and more romance spinoffs of popular games making their way into the public sphere. For example, we drop a Preview of Hooked on You earlier this year, showcasing Behavior Interactive’s attempt to transform Killers dead by daylight in cute anime boys and girls UwU.

Now, I’m here to tell you that there’s a Valorant dating sim called Amorant on the cards, inspired by Riot’s 2021 prank game, agents of romance. intrigued? Me too, so I contacted the lead developer, who wanted to use his alias, ImABeeBop, to chat about Valorant and dating.

agents of romance

On April 1, 2021 I received an email from Riot about a Valorant dating sim called Agents of Romance. Although I did record the date of said email, it still got me thinking if a dating sim inspired by the hit FPS might be a good idea. Despite knowing it was fake, I was a bit disappointed when Riot officially confirmed that the game didn’t exist. How would I go about having a romance with Viper now?

Turns out I wasn’t the only one disappointed, as Bee cites the prank as the inspiration for the Amorant team. “The Valorant team’s initial Agents of Romance tease ended up generating a lot of buzz, maybe more than they intended, before an incredibly strong ‘psychologist’!

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“There was so much excitement about meeting Valorant characters outside of combat, so pulling the rug out on that concept left a lot of lingering disappointment throughout the fandom. This was the perfect launch pad for a project like Amorant.”

For Bee, however, the motivation was simpler. “I’m really just here to shake hands with Cypher. Sure, I could draw that for myself, but that’s not nearly as much fun as bringing together a large group of people who also want to hold hands with Valorant agents and spend two years making a dating sim.”

It’s worth clarifying that the project isn’t made by Riot, so it won’t be officially branded or released through their client or Riot Forge. Instead, the developers “have Riot’s permission and watchful eye, but not their endorsement.”

Despite this, Bee says that “the Rioters we’ve interacted with have been very helpful in making sure we represent Valorant correctly and respectfully, but other than that, they’re very willing and happy to see what we do in the future.” our own. Amorant is not made by Riot, it is 100% made by Valorant fans!

Valorant's Dating Sim Amorant Lets You Live Out Your Fantasies: Concept Art of Agent Jett in Several Different Swimsuits

Lots of hands do light work (ish)

Of course, this begs the question ‘how the hell are you handling this?’ The development team is made up of volunteers, so coordinating a team of 60 budding romantics can’t be easy. “[It] it’s a blessing and a curse,” says Bee. “We’re not working to super tight deadlines, but we’re also making this game while trying to live our lives outside of it.

“A lot of our contributors have full-time jobs or are full-time students, as well as trying to keep the momentum going. There is a reason why we have such a great team behind us; The more hands we have on board, the easier it will be for someone else to join, as people need to step back and do things in life. When we call Amorant a labor of love, we mean a lot of love and a lot of work!”

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Ironically, however, Bee describes Amorant as “the best kept secret in the Valorant fandom. Many times when I talk about Amorant with friends outside the project, I am met with surprise or shock. People will express longing for the original April Fool’s joke on Twitter and then freak out when one of our contributors tags the project’s Twitter account. I like it, if we exist.

“We are known but invisible at the same time. It’s funny in a way, because we can keep seeing this new wave of excitement every time someone discovers us, and that gets us excited too.”

This constant excitement is what Bee believes to be the group’s greatest strength. “Every time I walk out of a call with our team, I’m excited all over again to see where this is going,” she says. “We have an extremely diverse group working at Amorant, with people coming from all over the world, and many have expressed how great it is to meet and talk to people they might never otherwise have met. New ideas, new discussions – everyone is here just because they want to be, and everyone brings a unique point of view. We have an amazing team.

“Amorant has a dual purpose,” they continue. “The project is both a fan creation in honor of Valorant and a stepping stone into the world of game development for many of our contributors. The internal structure isn’t necessarily a reflection of most real studios, but it definitely works like a simulation, setting people up to work as a team inside a pipeline. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of our contributors continue to work with other developers and create similar games in the future!”

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League of Legends dating sim anyone? After all, spirit flower he did pretty well, and Riot is bringing him back for 2022!

Valorant Amorant dating sim lets you live out your fantasies - a screenshot of a drawn Killjoy talking to a player in a dark locker room

So I know what everyone is wondering: when can I take nice walks by the sea with Killjoy? Bee has the answer. “Per our agreement with Riot and their legal babble policy for fan projects like this, Amorant will be completely free to play. We’ll have more information on where to find it as we get closer to launch, with a hopeful initial release date at april 2023.

“It’s a rolling pitch,” they clarify. “By that I mean that once the base game is released, updates will be released periodically with new agent paths, new features, and new ways to enjoy Amorant. Even after you think you’ve played everything there is for a character, it’s possible that older paths will be updated with new content and different things to do. It is an evergreen project.”

As someone who has been interested in the project since its inception, even trying out as a narrative writer before life got too chaotic, I’m really excited to see how Bee and the team reimagine Valorant’s colorful cast of agents. Their personalities already shine through in the game, and I can’t wait to see how the team expands on their lore (non-canonically, of course).

If you need me, I’ll be holding hands with Fade, but if you’re looking to kill time, be sure to check out our List of Valorant characters to see which Agent will be the object of their affections, as well as our best Valorant crosshairs and codes – after all, you don’t want to miss out on Cupid’s arrow, do you? Sova would not be happy.

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