Valorant Episode 5 – New Pearl Map, Competitive Rank, and More

Valorant’s fifth episode, Dimension, kicks off today, and with it players can also step into a whole new world, because they literally will. Players diving into this season have a lot of new content to work with, including a new map and event pass that are front and center for the start of this first Act. People who love a grind are sure to find something they enjoy in Valorant’s latest battle pass and some of our favorite weapons are even getting an electrifying new set of premium skins. You can check out this season’s patch notes here, but here’s a quick rundown of what’s in the new Valorant episode.

Valorant’s new map Pearl is set on an alternate Earth

Riot Games has done a decent job of constantly introducing new maps to Valorant since it first launched two years ago. However, none of the maps featured before have taken place on Omega Earth, Valorant’s canonical alternate reality Earth, where the familiar characters are, in fact, the bad guys. Pearl, the newest map to be added in Dimension: Act I, is actually located under a dome in the water on Omega Earth as it has been devastated by climate collapse. It’s also inspired by and set in Portugal, giving the map a distinctive look and sound that the team hasn’t really explored much as they’ve kept hopping around the world.

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While most Valorant maps feature some form of gimmick, such as Bind’s one-way teleporters or Fracture’s collapsed hub and ziplines that stretch across the map, Pearl was designed as a plain map without one. Instead, it brings the typical three-reel game to the forefront of the game. To help the map shine, a queue has been added to play Pearl exclusively for two weeks. The queue is unranked and after the two weeks are up, Pearl will be added to the competitive rotation.

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Ascending Rank in Competitive

Riot has added a whole new rank with Dimension called Ascendant. It is now situated between Diamond and Immortal, which means that if you are trying to climb the prestige ranks, your task just got a bit more difficult now. The purpose of the new rank was to distribute the diversity of players in ranked queues more evenly. The lower ranks were starting to get too crowded, but instead of just moving players up and into more spread out queues, which would overwhelm them, Riot decided to create a whole new rank.

Valorant’s new map, Pearl.

new battle pass

Every season of Valorant comes with a new battle pass and Dimension’s first is no slouch in that department. Highlights this season include Spitfire weapon skins for weapons like Ares and Guardian or Shimmer skins for Stinger and Bulldog. Maybe you prefer skins that look really tech like the ones from Task Force. There’s also a player card that looks adorably like a group of Valorant agents packed into a van for a trip to the beach. Oh, and of course the Tactibear and Tactibunny cards. Who can forget those adorable furry friends?

Take a look at some of the new Battle Pass rewards.
Take a look at some of the new Battle Pass rewards.


New event pass with comic cards

Until July 12, there is also an event pass that is free for everyone who logs in and plays Valorant. The event is called Crossover and it’s actually inspired by the Dimension movie story where Killjoy, Neon, and Reyna encounter comics of themselves on Omega Earth. Fittingly, three of the rewards in the Crossover pass are player cards that are actually Omega Earth comic book covers of most of Valorant’s agents, including Omen, who dons a cover entirely just because he’s cool, sinister, and edgy. and we all love it. for it.

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Prelude to Chaos Weapon Skins

Dimension is also starting an ominously titled line of premium skins in the store called Prelude to Chaos. They all start out dark and slightly edgy (although there are alternate color schemes, as usual) and as you level them up, the skins will become even more imbued with a dark electricity, while the bullets will start to sound more distinctly like lasers. . At the highest weapon level, the new finisher animation will summon chains from underground to sink your opponents.

When does Episode 5: Act I end?

According to the battle pass, Dimension’s first Act will end around August 23, though things may change if Riot sees fit to shorten the season or even extend it.

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