Valve Fulfills More Steam Deck Orders, But Puts Canada On Pause

If you’re still waiting for your Steam Deck order to arrive, Valve has just shared some great news that should help you make living with that hole in the shape of a portable gaming PC in your life a little easier. However, those in Canada will have to put up with a temporary pause in the ability to purchase the device due to distribution issues in The Great White North.

Taking the official Steam cover Twitter account, Valve announced that the company is “on track to fulfill all reservations before the end of the year”. Now, visiting the portable powerhouse’s official store page, new orders have an expected availability of “September-December 2022”, which lowers the quarterly estimates.

It’s great to see the backlog slowly but surely disappearing, but it remains to be seen if it can be addressed quickly enough to prevent it from bleeding into 2023, especially in the wake of new pre-orders.

This is something that may directly affect Canada more than other countries as Valve’s distributor tries to resolve a processing backlog. The company is “optimistic” that it will be able to resume emails soon, but did not share a more specific time frame.

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