Vampire Survivors has cheat codes for secret characters and other unlocks

The Forbidden Scrolls will allow you to enter codes, but first you need to beat a ball of bones

vampire survivors contains truly wacky secrets, some of which you would never find without the guidance of the community. While it’s fun to catch up on the latest patches, I’ll admit, certain hidden characters have remained elusive to the point where I’ve given up hope. Now, with a new unlockable called The Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, it’s possible to enter cheat codes to unlock a bunch of stuff, including trickier secret characters.

That’s right, it’s Morbane time.

**Spoilers ahead**

With vampire survivors patch 0.10, The Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane relic has been added to The Bone Zone, and for a chance to find it, you’ll want the Milky Way Map.

With the map, you can pause the game and you should see a white question mark below the spawn point of the level. Head there when you’re ready for a fight; some players prefer to stock up, but I hurried down. you will meet a rolling ball of bonesand if you can bring it down without being picked off by the invading skeleton army, you’ll collect the forbidden scrolls. This relic unlocks a “mysteriesoption ” in the main menu.

To enter a code, simply click on the blank “Cast Spell” box and start typing.

Alternatively, on the left, you can scroll through a list of a dozen tips that vaguely suggest how to manually unlock secret characters in vampire survivors.

The developers of the game have shared a list of cheat codes.

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secret character codes

  • second evolution (Gyorunton)
  • orejuelatolarrotino (big pants)
  • lhovistoio (Cosmo Pavon)
  • panate (Boon Hoghound)
  • I will never let you forget about me (gives)
  • pinociampino (Cucumber)
  • high five (Boros wins)
  • blasphemousmocks (Mask of the Red Death)
  • fold the cheese (Mine)
  • exdashexoneviiq (Additional features)
  • tramezzini (Toastie if Exdash is already unlocked)

If you’re stuck on track”sometimes you just need to ask for help”, that entry talks about Smith IV, a ghost. With Exdash and Toastie unlocked, you can get Smith by:

  • Typing “spam” at the main menu, then quickly…
  • Typing “spam” again at the character selection screen
  • Type “spam” a third time at the stage selection screen
  • Starting the race and writing “humbug”
  • drop out of the race

It took me a few tries to get it right. Here’s a video tutorial, if needed.

The other codes may not be useful if you are immersed in vampire survivorsbut here they are.

Exdash in Vampire Survivors

relic codes

  • this should have been unlocked by default (Gloomy Grimoire)
  • this should have been unlocked tooydefault (Ars Gouda)
  • leadmetothecheese (Map of the Milky Way)
  • eggseggs (Crystal Vizard)
  • teleportustomars (mind bender)
  • randomazzami (Randomazzo + Arcana VI)
  • icanheartthecriesofthecaptainplaneyou (Great Gospel)
  • Thank you (magic explosion)
  • time compression (sorceress tears)
  • I have seen I have seen I have seenniti i have seen niti i have seenviewed (yellow sign)

the creator of vampire survivors he’s laughing at us with that last one.

stage codes

  • relaxenjoylife (The Molise)
  • honesty (Moongolow)
  • dotgogreenacres (Green Acres)
  • putrefaction (The area of ​​the bones)
  • picogamedesign (boss rash)

Main character codes

  • noladone (Arch Ladona)
  • vivaladona (Port Ladona)
  • superladona (Lama Ladona)
  • strongest character (Poe Racho)
  • biopark (Dommario)
  • fascia (Sr Clerici)
  • accident (Krochi Freeto)
  • crystal makeup (Christine Daven)
  • yattapanda (Yatta Cavallo)
  • carramba (Bianca Rambo)
  • Restart (O’Sole Meeo)
  • langurine (Mr Ambrojoe)

Additional codes

I really didn’t think I was going to get all three ghosts on my own, so it’s nice to finally have them in the collection. I don’t feel guilty for unlocking them the easy way.

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