Vaultless Fortnite Shock Pads for Maximum Gathering

Fortnite’s crash pads have been retired, marking its brave and bouncy return to online battle royale as part of Chapter 3. One of the strangest elements in Fortnite, they allow players to find things like themselves, vehicles, or even some projectiles in the air. while also removing fall damage. Good news for people who like big jumps, bad news for people who can’t keep their eyes on the sky.

The crash pad was brought back in Chapter 2, and while we’re both surprised and happy to see it back, we’re also relieved that it’s not competitive. Those games are pretty tough with competitors flying through the air or throwing cars at us.

Elsewhere, though, we’re likely to see a lot more verticality from players thanks to the reintroduction of this element. It’ll be especially exciting in unbuilt mode, where you can start expecting a few more shots from above if you’re not on the lookout. As a countermeasure, we recommend the Ranger Assault Rifle, or anything else from our guide to the best Fortnite weapons.

In terms of other unsaved items, we’re still waiting for rumors about Impulse Grenade, but since the shock pad removes fall damage while Impulse Grenade correspondingly deals it, it could be that we’ll see them both fighting. early. Elsewhere in Fortnite news, the game has recently transformed into a brutal platformer thanks to the World of Deathrun map. You can also check out some of the other best Battle Royale games or broaden your horizons with the best multiplayer games for PC or the best cooperative games.

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