Vikings: a sequel to the Netflix series? The creator answers!

news culture Vikings: a sequel to the Netflix series? The creator answers!

Completed in 2020 on Netflix with its sixth season, the Vikings series still seduces its audience. A Vikings Valhalla spin-off series even began airing last year. The original series creator hints that we may not be done with Nordic warriors.

A flagship universe of Netflix

Ragnar Lothbork and his sons established themselves in the audiovisual landscape from the first season of Vikings in 2013. The public quickly became fascinated by the series inspired by the story of the real Ragnar Lothbrok and his lineage. Carried by strong characters and epic sequences, Vikings ended after six seasons in 2020 in the United States. French fans still have to wait July 1, 2022 to be able to watch Part 2 of Season 6 on Netflix. This year, on February 25, we discovered the sequel series Vikings Valhalla with a first burst of episodes. This spin-off has won the esteem of the public, enough so that Netflix confirms a second season and even orders a third.

Return of the Vikings?

This sequel series, however, does not console all fans of the original series, nostalgic for their heroes. Maybe they will regain hope, because Michael Hirst, the father of Vikings, understands them and could very soon give us good news. In effect, he thinks himself to resuscitate the norse warrior series. In any case, this is what the screenwriter told Premiere magazine in an interview:

I miss Ragnar and his sons. They are like friends. I’ve lived with them for so long… Every morning when I walk into my office, it’s like I’m going to find out what they’re up to… So it’s possible see you soon… I say it like that… But it’s possible! I’m currently considering a project with some of the characters (from Vikings) who would be returning…”

This project, which is still in its infancy according to Michael Hirst, would not be related to Vikings Valhalla and would not be planned for Netflix. When will it see the light of day? Hard to say, the screenwriter having already announced that he is working on other productions at the same time, including a series on the Great Plague.

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