War Thunder enters the age of drones with a major update

Watch out, commanders! Another big update has arrived in the legendary military MMO, War Thunder. The update brings more modern hardware into the fray along with the usual vehicular additions that fans have come to expect from each update.

Fans of modern warfare are in for a treat as War Thunder has entered the age of drones with its latest major update. Launched in the second half of the 20th century, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are now a must-have tactical unit in any modern military. Used for both reconnaissance and attacking enemy targets, drones will add a new layer of strategy to the battlefield.

But there’s more to the update than drones, with the usual collection of ships, tanks, and jets to help you maintain supremacy in the air, land, and sea. And there are some new graphical updates too, to bring an extra level of detail to each battle. Let’s take a closer look at War Thunder’s Drone Age update and some of the additions you’ll be able to get your hands on.

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drone drop

Scout Drones are available for all rank VI-VII ‘light tank’ class vehicles as a researchable mod, allowing commanders to sniff out enemy vehicles during battle. Deploy with caution though, as UAVs can be shot down. Although most are the size of a large bird, your opponents will have to have eagle eyes to spot them.

Strike Combat Drones will be added to Realistic Battles mode and can be brought into battle for respawn points. Three models of attack drones will be presented, with anti-tank guided missiles to eliminate entrenched or encamped opponents.

The UAVs will have full physical parameters, damage models, and flight models, meaning they can be deployed in a variety of realistic scenarios. Both scout and attack drones have targeting cameras, allowing you to see areas of interest from a great distance.

new vehicles

Drones aren’t the only thing coming in the Drone Age update. Developer Gaijin Entertainment has also introduced a fleet of new vehicles, including one of the most requested vehicles of all time, the Skink. This experimental Canadian tank is perfect for protecting allies from air attacks in WWII-era battles.

Also new in the update is the VK 30.02(M), a prototype of the early German Panther tanks with excellent mobility and a hard-hitting 75mm gun. What this medium-sized unit lacks in protection, it makes up for in speed, able to move quickly around the battlefield and evade enemy fire.

There’s also something for you naval warriors: the much-loved USS Alaska. This unique American warship combines the capabilities of a cruiser with the size and firepower of a battleship. As the first battlecruiser to join the ranks of the US Navy in War Thunder, the USS Alaska offers high mobility and greater protection than regular cruisers.

Airborne fighters can take to the skies in the Sukhoi Su-25 attack jet, a highly durable ground attacker with a massive payload. This upgraded plane features a 30mm GSH-2-30 rapid-fire cannon, with 250 rounds of ammunition, including armor-piercing belts, perfect for destroying armored vehicles and helicopters.

Completing the update are the Mirage 2000 S5, a modern French fighter aircraft capable of supersonic travel, and the Harrier II GR.7, a variation of the famous RAF jump plane.

Graphic improvements

It wouldn’t be a major War Thunder update without some graphical improvements as well. The Drone Age update adds improved effects for damaged and destroyed vehicles, with explosions looking more realistic than ever. When a vehicle explodes, you will now see new details, such as separate external equipment flying off with their own physics.

Fuel can now also be ignited, allowing planes to go down in a ball of fire. Fans can also look forward to an improved hit cam and hit effects, which will help them analyze kill cams and strategize for future encounters.

The Drone Age update is now available. If you’re new to War Thunder, there’s never been a better time to get involved. Go to WarThunder.com for information on how to download and play for free.

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