Warframe: 6 Best Launchers, Ranked

war frame It allows players to play however they want, dealing with enemies with swords in jars, shotguns, snipers, you name it. The game even includes a collection of launchers, devastating weapons that prioritize a Tenno’s offensive abilities and allow the player to deal a lot of damage even on high level missions.

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Not all pitchers are as good as each other. While all launchers are viable throughout the Star Chart depending on how the player has modded their weapon, there are some launchers with better base stats that players would find easier to use. Usually the best throwing weapons are mostly Kuva versions. war frame it’s a game with excellent PvE multiplayer and launchers are a really fun way to deal damage to bosses and high level enemies.

6 Secura Penta

An exclusive version of the Penta locked behind the Perrin Sequence syndicate, the Secura Penta is an impressive weapon and a very strong caster. His perks are his innate burst damage, a very high critical hit, and a status chance. However, its drawbacks are its auto-staggering, slow reload speed, and low ammo capacity. Match this with one of war frameThe best shotguns for an extra powerful load.

The Secura Penta requires players to be at Mastery Rank 12 and can be obtained by reaching Partner rank in the Perrin Sequence and then purchasing it for 125,000 points. This is a bit tricky, so players need to make sure to be patient.

5 panther cousin

The Panthera Prime is the primed variant of the original Panthera, having better base stats as is the case with all Prime versions of weapons. It has a high mag and above average status chance, but is let down by its auto wobble, low reload speed, and below average critical chance.

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Players must be Mastery Rank 14 to use Panthera Prime, and can unlock it by completing Void Relic quests that list its blueprint and components as a potential reward. Players can expect to spend a lot of time on Void Relic quests as they look for the best. war frames and weapons

4 kuva tonkor

The Kuva Tonkor is packed with offensive capabilities and is proving very popular with Tenno all over the world! Its advantages are its high burst, puncture, and slash damage, but its drawbacks are a lack of impact damage, auto stagger infliction, and a low single-round magazine capacity. Mixing this with the best of war frameBeginner mods are a good way to get the most out of the loadout.

The Kuva Tonkor can only be used once players have reached Mastery Rank 13 and can be obtained by beating a Kuva Lich that spawned with one. Alternatively, players can trade with others to obtain the Kuva Lich directly.

3 kuva ogris

The Kuva Ogris is the Kuva variant of the original Ogris weapon, and instead features semi-automatic rounds. Kuva Ogris’s strengths are its innate burst damage with very high overall damage, but its weaknesses are its low critical chance, slow reload speed, and auto-staggering explosive weapons like this that it inflicts on the user. Mixed with the best defense war framesPlayers will have no trouble completing objectives and keeping them safe from hordes of enemies.

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The Kuva Ogris requires players to have unlocked the Kuva Fortress and be at least Mastery Rank 15. Once the player has met these expectations, they must defeat a Kuva Lich that spawned with this weapon. If you’re having trouble finding one, naturally, you can always trade with another player who has a Kuva Lich with an Ogris spawn.

two Envoy of principles

One of war frameTenet Envoy’s Tenet Weapons are one of the most powerful primary weapons in the game and is the second most powerful throwing weapon. The Tenet Envoy excels with its extremely high critical chance and critical multiplier, but it is let down by its low rate of fire, reload speed, and self-stun effect on the user.

The Tenet Envoy requires players to be at least Mastery Rank 16 and can be obtained by beating a sister that spawned with one equipped. These Sisters can be traded, so players who naturally have trouble finding a Sister with this weapon should trade as their first port of call.

1 Kuva Zarr

Not only the best launcher, but also the best primary weapon of all. war frame, the Kuva Zarr is immensely powerful and should be obtained by anyone who wants to be successful in late game content. It has innate burst damage and has a very high critical chance, but a small magazine size with low max ammo. However, it is feasible even in war frameSteel Road.

The Kuva Zarr cannot be used until players have reached at least Mastery Rank 15 and can be obtained by killing a Kuva Lich that has spawned with one. As with all Kuva Liches, players can trade them directly with other players in case someone is having trouble spawning them. This saves players a lot of time.

war frame was released in 2013 and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox One Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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