Warhammer 40k: Darktide – What you need for Power Outage

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Tide launched with a healthy array of missions and Special Conditions, and one of those Special Conditions should be familiar to beta pre-order players who hate the dark: Power Outage.

Perhaps you have embarked on a mission with the power outage condition, or perhaps you are sitting on the Mourningstar wondering if you should undertake a mission with this special condition. In any case, you should know how to prepare for these missions. Well, unless you’re playing an Ogryn.

The Power Outage Special Condition means that there will be no or extremely limited power in the mission area, which means it will be pitch black through long portions of the mission and you won’t be able to see anything without some light. Enter the lantern.

Survive power supply interruptions

The first step to surviving a mission with this Special Condition is to not have a team full of Ogryns. Really: Ogryns have no choice of light source.. Right for your barn stature.

The other classes have flashlight abilities on certain weapons. A firearm with a flashlight has it indicated in its basic info view in Torch on the right, next to the damage values ​​of the primary and secondary action.

You’ll want at least one team member to have a firearm with a torch, which will be on anytime your gun is drawnThis makes engaging in melee more difficult than usual, as switching to a melee weapon holsters your weapon and the precious light it provides in the dark.

Be aware of special conditions when using Quickplay to match with randoms, especially whether it is a high-intensity compromise zone or a location where there is a power supply interruption. Both can severely affect difficulty and could result in deletion and loss. Low Intensity Engagement Zones are also now in the game and have the opposite effect.

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we have more dark tide guides arriving when the cooperative shooter is released and beyond.

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