Warner Bros. cries as JJ Abrams relaunches one of its biggest franchises at another studio

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JJ Abrams fans should be pleased with the latest project announced by Bad Robot Productions as it sees the Star Wars director relaunching one of his biggest sci-fi franchises. Ironically, though, he’s still not committing to that highly lucrative partnership deal he did with Warner Bros. a couple of years ago, as this particular movie is moving forward at Paramount Pictures. Guess what guys a new clover field the movie is on its way.

As first reported by Deadline, the as yet untitled clover field 4 will be directed by Babak Anvari, the British-Iranian filmmaker whose most recent feature film was I came for, a police thriller that has just been released this August. Joe Barton is writing the script, while Abrams is back on board to produce, just as he did with the first three in-universe entries. Namely, the 2008 found-footage alien invasion movie, the 2016 standalone sequel 10 Cloverfield Streetand the closing of the 2018 trilogy The cloverfield paradox.

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Joining Abrams behind the scenes is a dream team of executive producers, including the batmanby Matt Reeves and The cabin in the woodsDrew Goddard, who directed and wrote the original clover field, respectively. Hannah Minghella, Jon Cohen and Bryan Burk are also attached as executive producers.

As is typical of the secret series: 10 Cloverfield Street it was not even disclosed as clover field movie until its trailer came out; Plot details have not yet been revealed. Deadline notes that this project could be anything from a direct sequel to the first movie to another standalone spinoff. However, the presence of Reeves and Goddard on the team may suggest that it is more likely the former.

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East clover field 4 The news follows several Abrams-backed productions being canned on the WB, including a multitude of DC TV series and original sci-fi dramas. worldly women.

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