Warner Bros. Removes Joss Whedon Footage From ‘Black Adam’ Trailer After Backlash, Dwayne Johnson Responds

through Warner Bros.

How do you manage to excite and piss off an entire fandom in one go? If you are Warner Bros., you attach DCEU Justice League footage to the latest black adam trailer, but then go ahead and include a snippet from Joss Whedon’s theatrical edition of the all-star superhero epic.

While it’s nice to know that Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming debut as the titular antihero is firmly embedded in franchise canon, it didn’t take long for SnyderVerse fans to make their feelings known about including bits of a movie they absolutely hate. with every fiber of your being

Incredibly, not only did Warner Bros. remove the offensive Steppenwolf sequence in question before re-releasing the trailer, but Johnson himself took to social media to offer a thinly veiled apology to Snyder’s supportive subgroup.

As the protagonist and producer of black adamJohnson would surely have been heavily involved in creating the marketing materials, which makes you wonder why a businessman as savvy as The Rock didn’t consider anything related to League of Justice having Whedon’s fingerprints all over it was going to spark controversy and backlash.

Debate has now erupted all over Twitter, with many calling out the SnyderVerse section for making such a fuss, as the civil war rages on. It’s a storm in a cup of tea at the end of the day, but it’s fascinating that we live in a world where the biggest star on the planet is forced to make a public reaction based on a solitary second or two of a blockbuster for many. people. He didn’t like being part of the trailer for his latest project.

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