Watch: ‘House of the Dragon’ episode 7 preview continues the Targaryen drama

Warning: This article contains massive spoilers for house of the dragon

After a shocking episode that was released today, HBO’s episode seven previews house of the dragon did not disappoint. Not only did it continue the ongoing fight that both Rhaenyra and Alicent had, but it also hinted at a future alliance between the future queen of Kings Landing and her uncle, Prince Daemon.

The preview was released on game of Thrones YouTube channel, where it showed more drama, a funeral, conflict and a possible fight between the two families. The episode continues the events of episode six, where Laena Velaryon died after a failed delivery. Rhaenyra then learns that she needs to be a fierce leader to be taken seriously after she and her family fled to Dragonstone.

Meanwhile, Laena’s dragon, Vhagar, is revealed to be missing after he killed its owner on her orders. Also, there was the death of Lyonel and Ser Harwin Strong after Lyonel attempted to relinquish his position as “hand of the king”, and rumors of Rhaeynra and Harwin’s affair began to spread.

The first season of House of the Dragon will have ten episodes in total. While the first half focused on a young princess Rhaenyra and her proclamation that she will be next in line to the Iron Throne, the second half sets up the conflict between Rhaenyra and Alicent Hightower and their respective families.

Episodes one through six of house of the dragon is now available to stream on HBO Max, with new episodes released every Sunday.

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