Watch: The final trailer for the season of ‘Halo’ shows an epic battle between the Spartans and the Covenant

The trailer for the upcoming finale of the first season of aura teases an action packed episode full of kick ass from Master Chief and Silver Team.

As you can see above, the trailer begins with Miranda Keyes telling John that Makee left the Reach with the second half of the artifact. An injured Master Chief contacts Cortana, whom she now trusts after the AI ​​betrayed Halsey and saved John’s life from the rebellious Spartans in “Allegiance”.

It appears that the UNSC will take the fight to the Covenant planet, which they find with the help of Cortana. The admiral wants to send in the marines, but the Master Chief convinces her that he and Silver Team can handle it. We then see glimpses of the fight to come on the Covenant planet, with John and his squad taking on different types of enemies and even trading blows with the brute we saw in episode 5.

At least now we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the Covenant aren’t destroying Reach like they did Criterion in this week’s penultimate outing.

After years of waiting, aura fans are getting a live-action adaptation of their favorite sci-fi franchise, even though the reception has been mixed due to all the changes made to Pablo Schreiber’s Master Chief. The producers don’t seem to care much about the controversy, because if you decide to watch their version of auraJohn removing his helmet will ultimately prove to be the least of his worries.

Anyway, it seems aura has helped give Paramount Plus a much-needed subscriber boost amid the ongoing streaming wars, so we can safely bet the next season won’t take as many years to produce as the first.

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