Watch Thor and Starlord bond with each other in extended ‘Love and Thunder’ scene

The world premiere of Thor: love and thunder had just wrapped, and along with the stars walking the red carpet and sharing their thoughts on the film, fans were treated to a zoomed-in view of a scene from the film.

In the clip shown, we return to the planet where Thor is seen in the first trailer for the film fighting alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The inhabitants of the planet approach Thor, the god of thunder, thanking him for joining their fight and explaining more about their current situation.

Thor agrees to help them, but requests that they tell his people a story about Thor and his “motley crew of misfit outlaws who turned the tide of battle and etched their names in history.”

Continuing, Starlord appears saying “here he comes” as Thor ends his speech by cinematically explaining that despite the odds being stacked against him, “This ends now!”

We then see Thor’s scene in the trailer as he removes his cape to reveal his Ravenger outfit underneath. This and two other scenes from the movie were also shown earlier this week and the creator of Everything Always combined all three into one YouTube video.

Things are speeding up like thor 4 is preparing for release in a few weeks. The world premiere was held today and more will be held around the world next week.

This might just be a glimpse of what’s to come, but fans will get a chance to see it all. Thor: love and thunder when it hits theaters on July 8.

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