We officially live in a world where ‘Star Wars’ fans defend ‘I hate sand’ as a good line.

via Lucasfilm

“I don’t like sand. It’s harsh, rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere. not like here Here everything is soft and smooth.

This snippet of dialogue is as infamous as any our favorite galaxy, far, far away has ever seen, and let’s be honest: it’s not Shakespeare. Pronounced by Anakin Skywalker on Attack of the clonesfor more than two decades, Star Wars fans have been collectively patting themselves on the forehead with this one.

That’s true the phantom menace, Attack of the clonesY revenge of the sith they’ve aged surprisingly good wine over the years, and while they were ripe for criticism at the time, after a slew of less-than-stellar Lucasfilm projects, the sequel to George Lucas’s sci-fi saga looks pretty cool. good in comparison.

The discussion on the subject never seems to stop, and finally one fan has had the guts to speak his mind. In an unexpected turn of events, someone is defending Anakin’s “I hate sand” comment. Settle in, the analysis of him is as long as an Imperial Star Destroyer.

We won’t even try to argue. Honestly, the attention to detail and depth present in a hot shot like this is enough to win us over, even if the line is unredeemable. Taking a more cerebral approach means we can all at least recognize what George Lucas was after, right? We can almost hear the prequel haters disagree. “As if millions of voices suddenly screamed in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

As mentioned above, Anakin’s dislike is entirely traceable to his childhood on Tatooine, and exists in symbolic contrast to Padmé’s experience with sand. When viewed through a narrative lens, this goofy line makes for a pretty cool comparison, all things considered.

Another fan decides that honestly, can anyone figure out what’s good or bad in the first place?

Stacking up, someone else chooses a completely different line to critique.

Regardless of how you personally feel about sand, forbidden kissing, or Star Wars All in all, be thankful that there’s a fandom out there with enough passions to go that deep with each other. There’s something for everyone among the stars, and as long as Disney is down to tell a great story, we’ll always be excited to take a return trip to one of our favorite franchises.

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