Wesker, Chris and Barry from Resident Evil 1 are garbage in Resident Evil

Wesker, Chris, and Barry from Resident Evil 1, or rather the actors who played them in the horror game’s iconic live-action cutscenes, appear to be trash on Resident Evil as they admit they’ve never played the Capcom classic before. from 1996.

We all remember those wonderful and funny Resident Evil FMVs: those prosthetic zombie dogs, Barry carrying his magnum, the amazing rock music and flame effects. But despite the original characters eventually appearing in movies, a Netflix TV series, Dead by Daylight, and dozens of RE sequels, including Resident Evil Village, the actors behind the original STARS team say they’ve never played Resident Evil. , and it turns out that when they try, they’re pretty bad.

Scott McCulloch, who played Chris, Eric Pirius, who played Wesker, and Greg Smith, who was still sporting Barry Burton’s trademark beard, recently sat down to test Resident Evil 1 for the Residence of Evil YouTube channel. Dressed in their corresponding STARS colors (Pirius is even sporting the Wesker sunglasses), the trio pass the controller around as they attempt to navigate the opening section of the mansion, opting, in a kind of curveball move, to play as Jill.

They’re apparently using a cheat that gives them infinite health, which is as good as Chris, I mean Scott, almost gets eaten alive by the first zombie, while Wesker, sorry Pirius, struggles to even walk. Greg Smith, on the other hand, seems quite lethal, comfortably dispatching zombies and dogs with the shotgun, proving that trusty old Barry, who would always show up to help Jill out of a jam, is still alive and well.

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McCulloch recently starred in a Resident Evil fan film called The Keepers’ Diary, based on the famous “itchy, tasty” diary found on the first floor of the mansion. In other Resident Evil news, Capcom says that the ninth game (wow, how far have we come) will not feature Ethan or Rose Winters, whose stories will conclude in the upcoming DLC ​​featured in Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition.

If seeing old STARS together makes you nostalgic, check out our guide to some PC classics still worth playing. You may also want to try some of the best zombie games, or maybe some of the best survival games on PC.

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