What are poker cards and how to use them in Hard West 2

Hard West 2 focuses heavily on the idea of ​​gambling. After all, when things go wrong for your gang aboard the Ghost Train, it’s because one of the characters stakes the souls of the group. It would only make sense for these poker cards to reappear in the game hidden in various areas of the map. Can you find all these items?

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What are the poker cards in Hard West 2?

Poker cards appear early in the game during the scene where the group loses their soul. Shortly after waking up, you take control of Gin while searching the map for your missing comrades. Throughout your journey around the map, you will come across poker cards. These can be found in various locations, but are most often found at points of interest on the map.

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Poker cards are items that you can equip to characters in your gang. A character can have up to five cards equipped at a time to complete her hand. Each card has a different stat boost. For example, the Queen of Clubs increases the speed of the character who equips it by four points.

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How to use poker cards in Hard West 2?

Once you find a poker card, you can equip it to one of your gang members by going to the menu. This can be done by selecting the card symbol in the top right corner of the screen or by pressing the K key. Once you’re in the card menu, select the character you want to equip a card to. From there, drag the card you want to equip into the character’s hand.

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