What color was the Lost Envy in Nier Replicant? Answered

Nier Replicant throws quite a few gameplay curves your way throughout its story. While the game is initially presented as a conventional 3D hack and slash action game, it also has arcade-style shooter segments as well as 2D platforming sections. In one area of ​​the game, the Forest of Myths, the game even turns into a text adventure that requires you to answer questions correctly in order to progress.

When you visit the Forest of Myths in the second half of the game, you will be asked to identify the color of the Lost Envy, which can be brown, green, or blue. Here’s what it is.

The color of lost envy

Lost Envy’s color is randomized every time you start talking to the Divine Tree during the second half of the game. Fortunately, you can find the answer by reading one of the tree’s stories before he asks you about envy. During the first tree story, you will describe a girl by pointing out the color of her eyes: the color of his eyes is the color of lost envy.

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The exact line will be the following:

“Only one person brings comfort to the child: a healthy young woman with tanned skin and deep [brown/green/blue] eyes.”

When asked about Lost Envy’s color, simply choose the girl’s eye color. You’ll also want to pay attention to a key detail from one of the tree’s other stories, namely how many people were killed by the red-eyed beast. If you answer these two questions correctly, you will be prompted to answer one more question, but this last one is quite easy. Once all three questions are answered, you will get the key fragment of the memory tree.

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Once you get the shard, you’ll be on your way to finishing the Replicant story, but if you want to learn the full story, you’ll need to get all five of the endings. In addition to replaying many of the game’s boss fights, you’ll also need to collect every weapon in the game before you can see endings C, D, or E.

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