What did Cameron Diaz say about peeing in his pool?

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One of the sexiest women of the last three decades has just revealed a surprising urinary habit, and we don’t know if that makes her grosser or sexier. That is how Cameron Diaz justifies urinating in a place that is not for urinating.

Why does Cameron Diaz pee in his pool?

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While driving with Drew Barrymore in The Drew Barrymore ShowDiaz participated in a segment called “Red Light Confessions,” where Nicole Richie asked, “Have you ever peed in a pool?” Diaz laughed and exclaimed, “Oh yeah, yeah, I pee in a pool.”

Elaborating, she said, “When I’m alone in my pool, and it’s being filtered over and over again with…chemicals…it’s my pool!” The explanation is a bit disjointed, but we get it. The important question is, does it hold water (pun intended)?

Is it safe to pee in a pool?

Image via Unsplash

While Diaz makes a good property rights case for urinating in his own pool, his filtration argument is less compelling. According to Aqua Pools Online, chlorine is not the kryptonite in urine that people think it is. “Chlorine will kill bacteria, but since urine is basically sterile, there is nothing that chlorine can ‘kill,'” the company says. “Also, chlorine does nothing to ‘remove’ urine from the water. If someone urinates in the pool, he is there to stay.”

However, Aqua Pools goes on to say that “the amount of urine in a private home pool is usually negligible.” If Diaz has been emptying his bladder into his pool several times a day, every day, for years, it’s possible that the excess urine has mixed with chlorine to produce toxic chemicals called chloramines, which “can cause irritation in the lungs.” , nose and respiratory system.”

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Despite these dangers, some people would pay top dollar to swim in Cameron’s urine.

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