What differentiates a hero from a superhero?

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In light of the plethora of superhero content lately, comic book and movie fans are asking a very fair question: what is the difference between a hero and a superhero? Both Wonderful Y DC have featured heroes with and without superpowers, so what is the criteria that determines how super hero he really is?

The question was asked by Reddit user u/DarkSpy1976 at r/DC_Cinematic. According to OP, they assumed that a hero is just a “normal person” or someone without enhanced abilities. Meanwhile, a superhero is someone with superpowers. However, characters like Batman and Ironman do not have superpowers, but their specialized equipment and gadgets allow them to carry the title of ‘superhero’.

Some Reddit users mocked OP’s logic. One asked if known superheroes from different planets count as ‘superheroes’ if they have similar strengths and abilities as those similar to them.

Despite the few critics who questioned OP’s logic, the comics community rallied to help answer OP’s question. A Reddit user gave a megamind reference as answer: a fair point considering the heroes without superpowers were able to make a grand entrance.

Some Reddit users believed that a superhero is someone who performs “super” heroic actions, actions that no ordinary person can perform. These are people who go to great lengths to save others, something ordinary civilians cannot do without risking their lives.

Superheroes are cool for a reason. Not only do they stop everyday thieves or save kittens from trees, they fight aliens and save people from imminent death. And while labels can be blurry due to individual perspective, it’s a hero’s actions and abilities that help determine who gets the “super” label in their name.

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