What does the Twitch integration do in Cult of the Lamb? Answered

Cult of the Lamb allows potential viewers of your stream to change aspects of your game with its Twitch integration features. Through on-screen interaction and the use of channel points, these viewers can help (or hinder) the growth of your cult with in-game interactions and daily contributions. The methods for doing this are greatly simplified for the live streaming process, so that the audience can participate without spamming the chat or having to pause the action.

How the Cult of the Lamb Twitch Integration Works

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During dungeon crawl segments, an interactive pop-up overlay will appear on the stream every few minutes. This overlay features two circular buttons, one with a green heart and the other with a red fist, that viewers can click to help or hinder the streamer, respectively. Clicking on any of the buttons will contribute a vote for a particular option, with the most popular result proceeding after a voting period of around 15 seconds.

By selecting either option, viewers will be presented with three new buttons that correspond to three potential effects relative to the audience’s desired outcome. For example, if the chat collectively agreed to hinder the streamer, viewers could vote on options like taking immediate damage, spawning tougher enemies in the next room spawned, or taking double damage from incoming attacks. Participating in these polls is completely free on the part of the viewer, and they are encouraged to adjust the difficulty of the dungeon as they see fit.

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Viewer engagement isn’t just limited to dungeons, though. Every time the streamer returns to their cult camp, any viewer can donate 500 channel points to contribute Divine Inspiration to the camp totem, allowing the streamer to progress through the perk tree faster. Additionally, viewers can enter sweepstakes to potentially enter their custom usernames and NPCs to act as one of the streamer’s cultists.

Do you want to try Cult of the Lamb as soon as it is released? Stay up to date with the game’s official release date here.

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