What if Microsoft Edge became a better browser than Google Chrome?

News hardware What if Microsoft Edge became a better browser than Google Chrome?

Microsoft Edge is testing several new features in its Canary version (the beta). The plan seems clear: to bring back users of Google Chrome, which is the vast majority today. Given Microsoft’s efforts, Edge is starting to get really interesting…

Edge evolves and arms itself with new arguments to abandon Google Chrome

Several new features are currently being tested by Microsoft Edge. They already work very well and, given their usefulness, they will most certainly soon arrive in final version in millions of PCs.

We have retained 3 particularly striking new features:

  • SecureNetworka VPN directly integrated into the browser
  • dropa feature that allows you to share files between two machines with Micosoft Edge (PC and smartphone for example)
  • Automatic import of data from Chrome which allows you to import your passwords, your history, your means of payment, your plugins… as soon as you launch the newly installed browser.

Microsoft Edge Canary is open to everyone for free. You can test these and other new features in beta testing right now if you feel like it.

VPN is an option that Chrome doesn’t have, Drop seems on paper just as handy, if not more so, than a Google Drive and automatically importing all your data from one browser to another makes switching to Edge more than easy for people who only get used to it.

That’s starting to make a lot of good arguments…

The Drop function – source: Neowin

What if Microsoft Edge was better than Google Chrome?

One of the first things you do when you turn on a computer for the first time is install your favorite little browser. Often, this also means removing the device’s default browser (Edge for Windows PCs and Safari for Macs).

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If it is true that Internet Explorer was quite mediocre if not very bad, a lot of ground has been covered, and the reflex to install Google Chrome or Firefox becomes more and more irrational over time.

Upon its release, Microsoft Edge was quite impressive. Ergonomic, ultra fast (much faster than Chrome), not very greedy (because yes, if you want to open 50 tabs to work under Google Chrome, you better have 32 GB of RAM)… it was already the taff in 2015.

Since Microsoft Edge moved to Chromium in 2020 and accepts all extensions normally reserved for Google Chrome, there is in our view no major interest in installing a slower and more resource-consuming browser than the one installed by default .

Now you can even switch between them easier than ever.

Ah, and since we know that an article like this may suggest that we have received money from one of the companies we are talking about. We dispel your doubts: this paper was written on our initiative, in total independence. When a news is sponsored, the law obliges us to say it and the information is always available under your eyes.

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