What is Allay in Minecraft? Explained

It’s always exciting when Minecraft adds a new mob to the game. Regardless of whether it’s hostile or helpful, seeing the world grow a little bigger with new life is great to watch. Among the new features included in Minecraft update 1.19 The Wild is a new flying creature called Allay. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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What is Allay in Minecraft?

Allies are new friendly mobs that can be found at Pillager Outposts or Woodland Mansions. You can find one to three locked in small jail cells when you find these structures. Once you release them, they will start to fly around aimlessly until you give them an item.

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When you interact with an Allay with an item in your hand, you will give it to him. They will then start flying around the area looking for the same item which they can pick up to give to you. If you interact with him with nothing in hand, you’ll take whatever he had and he’ll stop looking for that item. It can contain up to a full stack of the selected item. Unfortunately, the Allay doesn’t mine blocks on its own, so you can’t send it to a mine and expect it to come back with diamonds.

Since Allay only picks up items that are already decomposed, this makes them an ideal candidate for collecting items from a mob farm you build, something like this one designed for Pillager Raids. If you give them a Totem of Undying and they are attacked, they will avoid death using the item.

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If your Allays are flying around the area and making it difficult for you to interact with them, you can place a note block and start playing music on it. When an Allay hears the sound, he will fly to the note block and drop the items he has gathered. He will then search the area surrounding the notepad for more items to gather. At any time, Allays will stay within 64 blocks of you and pick up items within 32 blocks around you. Even if you can’t see them, they are probably somewhere near you.

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