What is the code in the boss’s office in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe?

As you explore the various routes and stories to take on The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, you’ll need to listen to the narrator as he tells you where to go, and it’s up to you to follow or not. When you arrive at the boss’s office, you will come across a small puzzle that is meant to waste your time. The only way forward is to enter the correct code on the keyboard behind the desk. This is what the code is.

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The correct code that opens the secret passage for you in the boss’s office is 2845. While there are no indications of the code in the room, the narrator will say the code a couple of times if you hear it while looking around. . While the code is the only way to open the passage yourself, if you just sit and wait without entering anything, Narrator will eventually tire of it and open it itself.

DoubleXP screenshot

While 2845 is the correct code, Narrator doesn’t let you go right away if you enter it too early. Instead, they play relaxing music to calm you down before you open it. After interacting with this room a few times, the Storyteller will open the passage as you enter so you don’t have to wait here constantly.

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