What is the relationship between Elijah Wood and Silent Hill? A tweet from the actor unleashes madness

The first reactions to the surprise —or perhaps not so much— silent hill return they have not been waiting. Since Konami announced the event starring the horror license that will take place next Wednesday October 19, the comments and the different celebrations have overshadowed most of the content on networks. Thus, after many rumours, gossip and assumptions, the horror franchise will confirm in just over 48 hours what its future plans are and what we can expect from them.

However, there is a reaction that has caught the license’s fan base by surprise. Elijah Woodknown for playing Frodo in The Lord of the ringsshared the announcement of Silent Hill with the emoji of the two eyes. On the one hand, many have interpreted this gesture as a manifestation of how attentive the actor will be to the announcement; however, on the other, there is an important sector that there is a relationship between Wood and Sillent Hill and, therefore, is inviting us to pay attention to what will be shown during the event.

Elijah Wood already has previous experience with video games

As expected, the actor’s tweet has generated reactions of all kinds. From the thousands of RTs and likes to multiple memes, the followers of both the interpreter and the franchise have not been able to remain silent. For this reason, the responses to the actor’s publication have been filled with GIFs and photos showing the expectation of the community to know if the relationship between Wood and Silent Hill is hypothetical or, finally, turns out to be real.

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Until now, the renowned actor has participated in many projects related to the world of video games. Although he is mostly known for his work as Frodo in The various adaptations of The Lord of the RingsWood also voiced spiro in the trilogy of the legend of spirowork in which he shared a cast with actors of the stature of Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill Y Christina Ricci. Without a doubt, either because he is attentive or because he will participate in the new Silent Hill, the reality is that few actors generate as much interest as the interpreter of Frodo.

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