What is your favorite multiplayer game in an offline environment?

-VirtuaKazama celebrates the long-awaited return of Evo in an offline capacity

-ElBajoRubio share your thoughts and emotional connection to your game, Look Ma

-SlimeyBearXXL take a look at some of the amazing indie titles releasing this month

-Faester check out some of their favorite official and fan-made games

cblog recaps othertoid

-Phils Phindings explore the similarities between Treasure Hunter G and caribbean music

-Phils Phindings returns with more reflections on the music of Treasure Hunter G

-Alphasing has applied his incredible talents to a new concept album, walking in circles II.

-Sleeves delves into the excellent work of acclaimed singer-songwriter Ariana Grande

-Inquisitive Raven has opened its commissions, so drop by if you fancy some cool custom art.

-Queen of Philosophy Say hello to another weekend with this week’s TGIF thread

Thank you to our beloved community members for all of your contributions to this week’s Cblogs. If you want to join the HOT TAKE party, head over to the Cblogs section, give your opinion and you’ll find yourself summed up on this front page next week.

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