When to watch Paw Patrol costs 5400€

News hardware When to watch Paw Patrol costs 5400€

While on vacation between France and Spain in the principality of Andorra, a father lent his phone to his children to watch cartoons. The invoice has just arrived: he will have to pay 5400€ because his boutchous wanted to spend hours in front of Pat Patrol. Ouch.

5400€ out of package after a single day in Andorra for a few streaming cartoons

The story we are going to tell you today comes from our colleagues at RTL Info. We cook it for you in our own way, with a few additions related to the world of tech. This trivial anecdote on paper can have serious consequences. If, by sharing it, we can avoid a similar mishap to even one person, the mission will be accomplished.

A young dad spent part of July 2022 in northern Spain. As he and his small family travel by car, he thinks it might be nice to pass through the small principality ofAndorraan independent islet on the French border (perhaps he wanted to buy cigarettes for not too much, the story does not say).

During the trip, the children are bored. If you have one at home, you know it: even if everyone knows that it would be better to avoid screens, sometimes we resort to it to gain a little peace of mind.

Our father gives in: he entrusts his smartphone to his little angels so that they can enjoy watching a cartoon. Well, we assumed it was Paw Patrol, after all, I don’t know a single kid who doesn’t love it, but maybe it was something else.

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In just a handful of minutes, an SMS disturbs the children’s viewing: dad is already eating an excess package worth €50. And yes : outside Europe, 4G is often very expensive. Immediately after receiving the text message, the connection is cut. The story should have ended there.

A day of travel in Andorra passes. This is the beginning of the ordeal.

Telenet, the operator of the patriarch, sends a sweet note to our protagonists about 24 hours later. For this one and only day of vacation, you will have to pay 5400€, the price of 400 megas of data consumed outside Europe.

  When to watch Paw Patrol costs 5400€

Watching cartoons like Paw Patrol outside Europe can skyrocket your bill

There is almost nothing more demanding than good quality video streaming. According to The Global Internet Phenomenaa major study conducted by Sandvine, 58% of downstream traffic is used by the various video streaming services. Netflix alone consumes 15% of the world’s bandwidth. It’s monstrous and poses serious ecological… and economic problems.

Some advice and information to avoid disappointment:

  • Often even so-called “unlimited” packages by the different operators are not really.
  • If you prefer to use 4G or 5G rather than WiFi networks, always pay attention to your video consumption. Nowadays, with 4K video, gigas can be swallowed up very quickly.
  • If you are not glued to the screen, consider decrease the resolution of the video.
  • When traveling abroad, especially outside the EUalways check what your package allows you to do or not. In any case, we avoid videos.
  When to watch Paw Patrol costs 5400€

To come back to our little story, know that everything ended well (Things probably accelerated following the revelation of the whole adventure in the press).

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First, the Telenet after-sales service took our pap all over the place.who called them daily. The man was threatened with a direct debit, was afraid of a cut in his fixed line (goodbye teleworking) and found himself at the doctor’s to ask sleeping pills to get to sleep after dark.

Normally, Telenet should have prevented a flat rate overrun of more than €50: a human error by a customer service advisor took place. The company ended up acknowledging its fault and finally suspending the dad’s invoice.

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