Where in the cosmos will the Webb Telescope reveal next? Scientists offer clues

What is your Friday ritual? In other words: if you’re like me and work Monday through Friday, how do you get rid of the previous week and accept the two days you have so that you (hopefully) don’t push yourself during the day? I do a couple of things: I cook a crispy-skinned salmon fillet for my tea. I make delicious salads. I have a nice glass of wine. And then I fight with my little son to get into the bathroom.

But this week is not like most weeks. This week, we saw the story unfold as the James Webb Space Telescope revealed its first scientific images and spectra on Monday and Tuesday. Essentially a test drive before the real ride begins, these images are not only beautiful but groundbreaking. As the days go by, more and more nuggets of information are pouring out from the scientists who produced the images and those who are now frantically studying them. Including a little controversy, but you’ll have to scroll down to find out what happened.

Happy Friday! In today’s newsletter, find out what happened to Webb, dive into the latest image of Webb (oh yes, there’s more!) back.

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Theories abound.NASA, ESA, CSA, STIS

Sometimes the cosmic boundaries get a bit hazy. That’s the case for the Carina Nebula and NGC 3293. Software developer and amateur astronomer Kevin Jardine, who created the European Space Agency’s Star Density Map and leads the Galaxy Map project, claimed on Twitter on July 13, 2022 that the image of a towering wall of clouds in the Carina Nebula does not actually show the Carina Nebula.

Instead, Jardine says, it’s a smaller nearby nebula called NGC 3324, or sometimes the Gabriela Mistral Nebula. That’s based on Jardine’s examination of the astronomical data underlying the gorgeous images, which was made public on Wednesday and included detailed information about the location of objects in each image.

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Garden tweeted, “The data table confirms that the Carina image released yesterday was *not* of the Carina Nebula (NGC 3372) but of the ionizing cluster (NGC 3324) in the Gabriela Mistral Nebula (Gum 31 / IC 2599). You can see it at the bottom of this Car OB1 map.”

Inverse investigated… this is what we found.

This is just a test.NASA, ESA, CSA and B. Holler and J. Stansberry (STScI)

Jupiter and its oceanic moon Europa shine in Webb’s test images. It’s a preview of things to come from the amazing new observatory.

In the image (not exactly the same as the one above), the giant of the Solar System appears in rare form. The new images from JWST’s NIRCam instrument delivered a radiant infrared view of Jupiter, even through the instrument’s muted color palette. The planet’s equatorial band, poles and Great Red Spot are cast in a mesmerizing glow. NASA released this and other spectacular Jovian views on Thursday afternoon, three days after President Biden and NASA representatives announced the first official image from the observatory.

“Combined with the deep field images released the other day, these images of Jupiter demonstrate the full understanding of what Webb can observe, from the faintest and most distant observable galaxies to the planets in our own cosmic backyard that can be seen at naked view from your actual backyard,” says Bryan Holler, a scientist at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore, in NASA’s announcement.

Seeing is believing!

What’s next, Webb?Shutterstock

Here’s when to expect the next images from Webb and a preview of what we might see.

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The next release of full-color images from the Webb Telescope is “tentatively scheduled for the week of august first,” cristina pulliam at the Space Telescope Science Institute says Reverse. At the moment, “no decisions have been made” regarding the next images that Webb’s team will prepare for public release, but here are some of the things that may be on the short list, based on the recent observation schedule and next to Webb.

Webb’s next image release may include another even deeper look at the ancient universe, but with even more galaxies.

Science operations had already begun when the public saw the first full-color images of Webb on Tuesday, so some of the images released in early August likely came from those first real science observations. And those observations, according to University of Montreal astronomer Rene Doyon, include deeper field data.

This is what we can expect.

What horrors await on Mars?Shutterstock

Living on Mars is a dystopian hell in the hit 1990 movie full recovery. Will real life be the same?

Enter the planet without a protective spacesuit and your eyes will pop out of their sockets as your blood vessels burst and your entire body convulses. At least, that’s the premise of one of the most successful science fiction movies to ever walk the red planet.

Fortunately, the Mars colonists in full recovery‘s imagined future don’t venture outside so much, live in large domes filled with breathable air. But these domes are a different kind of hell. For many, the conditions are dire. People are charged for essential resources and poor radiation protection has led to genetic mutations.

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There’s a lot of wild, escapist sci-fi in Full recall. Talking cabs, a three-breasted lady, intermittent memory implantation machines, a Was it all a dream? ending, and a psychic rebel leader attached to the stomach of his brother George.

But director Paul Verhoven’s Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle also forces us to consider the harsh realities of life on Mars, and how those in power might one day control the planet’s precious resources. Is Total Recall a vision of humanity’s future life on Mars?

Let’s take a closer look.

What Loki are you?Shutterstock

A year ago, the groundbreaking season 1 finale of Loki he made promises about the future of the MCU that Marvel Studios has yet to deliver on.

The episode, called “For All Time. Always.” concludes with Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) killing the creator of the Time Variance Authority, a wacky variant of Kang the Conqueror known as He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors). Afterwards, the final moments of the episode see Loki (Tom Hiddleston) end up stranded in an alternate reality ruled by Kang the Conqueror.

When it was released, the episode’s conclusion seemed to set up multiversal chaos for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But even though movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home Y Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness have provided small doses of that, the Phase 4 titles that have followed Loki They have not kept their promises.

Let’s rewind.

On July 15, 1965, Mariner 4 transmitted this image of the Martian surface from 7,829 miles away. The photograph shows a crater 94 miles in diameter.POT

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  • On this day in history: On July 15, 1965, Mariner 4 flew by Mars and obtained some of the closest images of the planet ever achieved at the time.
  • Song of the day: “The Widow” from The Mars Volta.

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