Where to find all Cemetery Shade bosses in Elden Ring

Cemetery Shades are black beings that appear in dungeons around the Midlands. These beings wield a weapon called the Mantis Blade that has the ability to double in size, making these enemies harder to dodge. They also possess the ability to paralyze you for a brief moment so that they can enter and attack. A Cemetery Shade will quickly end your game if you’re not careful. This is where you can find all the Cemetery Shade bosses in the Elden Ring.

weeping peninsula

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The first of the Cemetery Shade bosses you’re likely to run into is on the Weeping Peninsula. This is the area south of Limgrave on the other side of the Bridge of Sacrifice. After reaching the peninsula, head south until the road forks and follow the path west. You’ll find the Tombsward Catacombs near the road in the center of the peninsula. The boss is in the dungeon and will drop summoning ashes for Lhutel the Headless when he is defeated.


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The next Cemetery Shade is located in Lirunia. This is the land north of Limgrave that is across from Castle Stormveil. The boss here is at the end of the Black Knife Catacomb. There is also a Black Knife Assassin boss in these catacombs, but the bosses are separate. To get to these catacombs, head north into Liurnia and east to where the land meets the lake in the center of the region. Follow the path north along the cliff and it will lead you to several cliffs with tombstones sticking out of them. This is where the catacombs are. Once you defeat the boss, it will drop Twinsage Sorcerer’s Ashes.

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The Shadow of the Final Graveyard can be found in the Caelid region to the east of Limgrave. This area is where things will start to get tricky in the game, so be on your guard. After reaching Caelid, head southeast towards the Great Impassable Bridge. Follow the south cliff and you will find the entrance to the catacombs next to a tree with a large raven waiting to attack. For defeating Cemetery Shade in this dungeon, you will get the Kindred of Rot Ashes.

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