Where to get Garaffa’s electric organs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Garaffa Electric Organs are one of the many common resources you can earn in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This item is used to craft gems, quests, and food recipes. It can be found in abundance by hunting a monster, but only one particular monster will drop this useful material. While the item is common, the monster holding it is not. This guide will explain where to get Garaffa’s Electric Organs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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How to get Garaffa’s electric organs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The only monster that drops Garaffa’s Electric Organs is the one that drops Garaffa’s Tenderloins, the tall and majestic Garaffa. This monster comes in multiple variants spread throughout the world of Aionios. To efficiently farm this creature, you are going to hunt one particular Garaffa variant, Mailoo Garaffa. This creature can be found near Colony 30, which you will discover during chapter two of the main story.

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Use Skip Travel to the Colony 30 Cave Mout landmark, then follow the dirt road out of the Colony and down the hill. This path will go down a hill and come to a large grassy clearing. On this route, you will find several Mailoo Garaffa. This creature can range from level 18 to 20, and they don’t pose much of a threat to a well-equipped party.

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If you follow the route shown above, you will find several Mailoo Garaffa in one trip. After reaching point two, skip traveling to a different region, then fast travel back. This will force the game to respawn the area with a fresh batch of these tall, docile monsters. Garaffa’s electrical organs are the most common item dropped by this creature.

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Running this route will net you about a dozen or so Garaffa Electric Organs. Get your party together and make liberal use of Skip Travel to gather a large number of these materials.

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