Where to get ribs in Tower of Fantasy

Combat plays an important role in your adventures while playing Tower of Fantasy, be it defensively or offensively. While many monsters are aggressive and will attack you on sight, there are still plenty of passive game animals that inhabit the Tower of Fantasy regions. These animals are still worth hunting down, as hunting them can yield valuable and useful meats like ribs.

Where to find ribs in Tower of Fantasy

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Ribs are rare consumable items that drop from certain beasts when killed. While not particularly restorative when eaten raw, meals that incorporate ribs are particularly effective at restoring health, restoring over 20% fullness and healing over 15% of your maximum health. One such rib dish, Radish Rib Soup, also provides additional resistances to incoming physical attacks for a full 20 minutes, greatly increasing your survivability when scouting.

While it’s valuable to have them stored in your pantry to use later in combat, the ribs themselves can be pretty hard to find. For example, you will not get anything by hunting boars that inhabit the forests of Asperia. Instead, you’ll need to seek out creatures that thrive in more arid and hardy environments.

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Nowhere on Asperia or the man-made island features the desert conditions that encourage rib-dropping animals. Vera’s planet, however, is made up entirely of the Gobby Desert, which stretches across her entire map. Animals that live in the Gobby have a rare chance to drop ribs when they die.

While both Asperia and the artificial island can be visited and explored in current versions of Tower of Fantasy, you’ll likely notice that Vera is nowhere to be found. Although not yet implemented in the game, Vera will be released as part of the large content expansion included in Update 2.0.

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