Who are the most wanted Twitch streamers in each state?

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Twitch it is a very competitive platform, with thousands of streamers performing for millions of viewers every day. Several streamers stand out on Twitch due to their sheer popularity, attracting millions of viewers every time they start a stream.

A new study from CasinoGrounds, a site dedicated to casino game streamers, has found out who is the most searched Twitch streamer in each US state by tracking Google search trends for a year, and the results may surprise you. .

Image via CasinoGrounds

There are some fascinating trends in this Twitch study. Notably, Pokimane ranks number one, being the most wanted Twtich streamer in 11 states. This is fitting as the star became the first female Twitch streamer to reach nine million followers on the popular streaming platform.

Pokimane narrowly edged out Amouranth, who topped the chart in 10 states. Amouranth has frequently made headlines, getting banned from Twitch multiple times. Recently, however, he has drawn attention due to his discussions of his investment strategies.

One fascinating thing about the table is the sheer variety of content on Twitch, from the highly anticipated video game variety streams to Hikaru Nakamura’s chess streams and Hasan Piker’s political analysis streams.

This graph is based on searches rather than viewers or subscribers, so there are some unexpected names. This includes controversial streamer Dr. Disrespect. He was the most searched for in Vermont and Wyoming despite being banned from Twitch.

Interestingly, the Minecraft Dream streamer only tops the chart in three states: Arkansas, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. The Twitch streamer has been embroiled in many controversies in the past year, including the reveal of a fake face that quickly spread across social media. In fact, in the eyes of many, the streamer has felt almost ubiquitous in certain parts of the internet, making this low result quite surprising.

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Most wanted in 1 state

toast in disguise – West Virginia

rifle -Virginia

tommyinnit– Rhode Island

Hikaru Nakamura -New Jersey

tyler1 – Louisiana

XQC– Minnesota

Most wanted in 2 states

disrespectful– Vermont, Wyoming

hasan piker – New York, Ohio

Cr1tikal – Maine, Okla.

Ranboo–Arizona, Montana

Most wanted in 3 states

Mizkif– Idaho, Michigan, North Carolina

Sleep– Arkansas, Wisconsin, North Dakota

Most Wanted in 4 States

ninja– Texas, Iowa, Kentucky, Pennsylvania

Most Wanted in 5 States

asmondgold– Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Kansas

Most Wanted in 10 States

amoranthus – Washington, Oregon, Nevada, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, South Carolina, Delaware, New Hampshire

Most Wanted in 11 States:

Pokimané– Massachusetts, California, Florida, Utah, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Alaska, Hawaii, Maryland, Connecticut

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