Who plays The White Death in Bullet Train? Every cameo explained

Bullet Train is full of cameos from familiar faces. But none get to the ‘Where do Where do I know them from? heights of The White Death, the majestic-haired Russian mob villain who crosses paths with Brad Pitt’s unlucky Ladybug during the action.

If you can’t put a name to a face, we’re here to help. Here’s the identity of the actor playing The White Death, as well as the full list of other cameos along the way, including a major actor director David Leitch wanted to cast in Bullet Train.

Who plays The White Death in Bullet Train?

The white death by bullet train

(Image credit: Sony Pictures)

Throughout Bullet Train, the specter of The White Death, the shadowy leader of the world’s largest criminal organization, looms large. In the final act, he shows his face. As perhaps previously revealed in the film’s marketing, the heavily tattooed figure is played by Michael Shannon, best known for his role as prohibition agent Nelson Van Alden in Boardwalk Empire and as Zod in Man of Steel. He has been nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, once for Revolutionary Road and most recently for Nocturnal Animals.

Other bullet train cameos

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