Why can’t I change my clothes in Splatoon 3? Answered

In Splatoon 3, being able to change your outfit is the most important aspect of the game. Not only do you want to be the coolest Inkling or Octoling out there, but your clothing serves an important purpose in battle. Each item of clothing has abilities equipped, and as you level up, you will be able to unlock more abilities. These abilities will make any match you find yourself in much easier. However, there will be times in Splatoon 3 when you won’t be able to change your clothes, more specifically your shirt. So if you come across this problem, you might be wondering why you can’t change your clothes in Splatoon 3.

Why can’t you change your shirt in Splatoon 3?

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The reason you can’t change your shirt is that a Splatfest is currently taking place. A few days before a Splatfest occurs, you will be asked to select one of three teams. After selecting a team, if you haven’t already equipped the team jersey, your character will automatically put it on once the Splatfest starts and you will enter Splatfest Battles against the opposing teams. You will be able to remove the shirt once the Splatfest is over. Splatfests in Splatoon 3 last for three days, so once the Splatfest is over, you’ll be able to change your shirt.

However, before doing so, we strongly recommend that you give your Splatfest t-shirt a rub. If you end up leveling up completely, you’ll have all the skill slots filled. So, just before the Splatfest ends, spot Murch, who is located just outside the Lobby building. It will completely clean your Splatfest t-shirt for cash. The amount of cash it will cost depends on the number of skill slots you have unlocked. If you’re low on cash, there are a few ways you can get it pretty quickly in the game.

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