Why Lady Gaga Is The Perfect Person To Play Harley Quinn In Joker 2

After months of rumours, Joker 2, officially titled Joker: Folie à Deux, has its Harley Quinn in Lady Gaga, and director Todd Phillips couldn’t have chosen a better actor for the role. Margot Robbie is a fantastic Harley in Suicide Squad, and Kaley Cuoco adds a little something extra to her vocal performance in the Harley Quinn animated series, but Lady Gaga was born for the role, more so than anything she’s ever played before.

I mean, hasn’t she always felt like Gaga? I was harley quinn? Singer, dancer, actress and general enigma of the industry, Lady Gaga has been making headlines since she debuted with her first single ‘Just Dance’ in 2008. She is an icon, a person who often seems more like a caricature than a human being. , so the sheer appeal of his role as a legendary character is enough to get people’s attention. And if you consider that Harley Quinn traditionally has a Brooklyn accent and Lady Gaga is from New York (and frequently shows that he can already do what is basically a Harley imitation (opens in a new tab)), it’s hard to see someone else in the role.

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