Why Persona 3 Portable is being ported instead of Persona 3 FES

Recently, the publisher Atlus announced that three titles of its popular Person The series will make the journey to modern consoles. persona 3 Laptop, person 4 golden, Y persona 5 royal It’s coming to Xbox, including Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. In addition, the two previous titles, persona 3 laptop Y person 4 golden will also be available for PlayStation 4. However, some fans are disappointed that persona 3 laptop was the version chosen for the re-release, instead of the old one Person 3 FES. Both are updated re-releases of the original. person 3, but they differ significantly in both content and gameplay.


The announcement of these ports for Person 3, 4, Y 5 it’s a huge reveal in an anniversary celebration for the franchise that has otherwise been considered pretty lackluster. Announcements have covered minor topics ranging from new products to a concert featuring music from the series. Fans have been disappointed, especially since there seems to be no news of the long-awaited person 6 it’s on the horizon. While some are happy to hear about the ports, especially since the Person The series has long been a PlayStation exclusive, others are wondering if this means that Person 3 FES it will stay stuck on older consoles forever.

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What is the difference between Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable?

The original person 3 was released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan in 2006 and worldwide in 2007. It quickly gained popularity and outsold all previous entries in the Person franchise, which led to the launch of Person 3 FES less than a year later. FES it was billed as a “director’s cut” of the original game and added content such as a new social link for party member Aigis and the ability to walk with canine companion Koromaru. The biggest addition, however, was a long playable epilogue called The answer, in which players took control of Aigis and investigated the possibility of reversing the famous bittersweet ending of the original game.

persona 3 Laptop, released in 2009 for PlayStation Portable, did not include The answer but instead presented a series of changes in the quality of life. Party members other than the protagonist were made controllable during battles, difficulty selection was added, and Person 4-Inspired changes were made, including the addition of the “One More” system and the Defender action. Notably, a female lead was added; her story introduces new social links and romance options. However, due to the hardware limitations of the PlayStation Portable, the animated cutscenes from the original game were removed and navigating the world was significantly simplified. While both versions of the game were popular, fans expressed frustration that there was no “full” version of the game. person 3 exists to this day.

Persona 3 FES code is a mess

On Twitter, several Person Fans theorized that Laptop was chosen over FES due to shortcuts taken with the code Person 3 FES that made Atlus reluctant to work with him. In particular, the game’s code is extremely bulky because each animated scene contains multiple duplicate models of each character rather than reusing models from previous scenes.

This is particularly notable in the case of Nyx Avatar, the game’s final boss, who has fourteen different models for each phase of her boss fight. Fans theorize that the code of persona 3 laptop it is much simpler and easier to work with compared to FES.

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Persona 3 Portable Features Quality of Life Improvements

Weather FES added a significant amount of popular content, particularly The answer, Laptop focused on making the game easier and more fun to play. In particular, the player was given the ability to directly control party members other than the protagonist in battle. This feature, which was officially introduced in the following game person 4, it was seen as a huge improvement by fans. Previously, AI controlled characters made battles much more difficult as they defaulted to using weak or ineffective attacks like Charm or other spells that cause status effects with little chance of success.

Today with person 4 and especially person 5 Having improved the battle system so dramatically, it’s unlikely fans will be satisfied playing a version of person 3 that did not allow full control of party members. Also, Person 3 FES featured a mechanic where characters would tire after a certain amount of time exploring the Tartarus dungeon. This made scaling Tartarus’s 200+ floors extremely difficult, as players would be forced to stop much earlier than planned. The gaming experience of the original. person 3 as much as Person 3 FES it was often described as frustrating compared to later entries in the series.

Is a Persona 3 remake coming?

More than just a port of Laptop, some fans are hoping to see a full remake of person 3 for current generation consoles. Ideally, this new version would include male and female lead paths, quality of life improvements added in Laptop, Y The answer as a playable epilogue, thus combining the best elements of both FES Y Laptop. This hypothetical new version could also incorporate elements from later in the series, such as the added Baton Pass system in Person 5.

However, with the current dull Person The anniversary celebration is drawing to a close and Atlus’ apparent lack of interest in launching major news. Person-related content, such a remake doesn’t seem particularly likely, especially one that will be announced soon. Presumably, Atlus is currently working on person 6, and, while he may have other side projects in development, such as a rumored Sand sequel with a focus on the cast of person 5, a person 3 remake does not seem to be among the current priorities of the company. Fan interest in a new version could make its development more likely in the future, but for now, it looks like fans will have to be satisfied with ports of persona 3 laptop instead.

person 3 It is currently available for PS2 and PlayStation Portable, and will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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